4 Budget-Friendly Make-up Sponges

One of the best make-up inventions is the make-up sponge, or “beauty blender”! Make-up can be applied evenly, smoothly, and basically flawlessly thanks to these mini-sponges.  At first the $20 beautyblender dominated the make-up sponge market, but now there are a variety of make-up sponge options for women with all budgets.  The CGS Team is

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7 Black Finance Influencers to Follow

The Best Make-Up Brands for Darker Tones

Just about every woman loves make-up! However, not all companies cater to women with darker shades of skin. While there have been significant improvements in coloring of products for darker tones, there is still serious work to be done. The CGS Team came across an article from beauty blog Byrdie that shares some of the

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3 Instances for Rocking Natural Make-up

Who doesn’t want their make-up to look natural? Nowadays, natural make-up is all the rage. From celebrities, beauty bloggers, and trendy fashionistas, rocking a barely-there make-up look with a natural glow goes a long way. Need help rocking natural make-up? Look no further! The CGS Team is sharing 3 situations where it’s perfectly all right

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