The Best Ways to Organize Make-up

When there’s havoc amongst your make-up, it almost seems like there’s havoc everywhere in your life. The worst thing is having a mess of a make-up bag and not realizing where your newly purchased mascara went to. We feel your pain city girls, and we know the struggle! That’s why the CGS Team is stepping up and sharing a few tips on how to organize make-up products for easy accessibility. Whether you use a bag, cabinet or drawer for make-up storage, this article is a must read!

Start Separating

Cleaning out your beauty closet can be timely, but it will definitely be beneficial in the long haul. Start by separating each item by type. Separating brushes with brushes, eye shadow with eye shadow, and foundations with foundations will probably take up most of the time when organizing. However, this is a vital step when organizing your make-up because you’re able to see how much of each item you have.

We typically spend so much money on extra products because we assume we ran out, when in fact the items just fell amongst the clutter and got lost. Similar to checking inventory, when separating your items in groups you’re able to get an idea of how much space you’ll need for each item.

Everyday Items vs. Occasional Items

After grouping your products, it’s good to then separate the items that you use every day compared to the items that you use just for holidays or special occasions. You’ll make more room and reduce the amount of clutter, while still being proactive in keeping the make-up that is useful on a consistent basis. In the midst of this separation, it’s good to check for expiration dates.

The worst thing to do is to keep outdated make-up that could impede harm to your skin. Not sure how to check for expired products? Check out last year’s article Revamp Your Make-Up Bag for a few tips! It’s always good to ask yourself if some of the products you want to keep are things you will actually wear and use. Hoarding things can lead to a mess and more clutter, so if you don’t use it, toss it!


After you have separated all of your items by type, and then by frequency of use, it’s time to start placing them where they need to go! Place your occasional products in a make-up bag or case and store it somewhere cool, like a bathroom cabinet. For your everyday items, place them in containers, make-up cases or bags with multiple slots. Having multiple slots and sections will allow you to keep your make-up sorted by type. Wherever you choose to place your make-up, make sure it’s a method that can stay organized. The key is to organize once and maintain it!

Although the thought of organizing your make-up products doesn’t sound too exciting, actually doing it leaves you feeling accomplished! Grouping and organizing your products can be time consuming, but in the long run you’ll pat yourself on the back for following through and organizing. Plus, you will now know every product you have and where it’s placed! Losing lipstick is a thing of the past!

What kinds of hurdles have you came across when organizing your make-up? How often would you recommend organizing your make-up? Do you use a make-up bag, case or organizational tool? Leave a comment below to share some of your own tips and tricks for organizing make-up products!

-The CGS Team



2 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Organize Make-up”

  1. I have a lot of makeup (I admt I am a bit of a product junkie) and I have two rules that have helped me in recent years. (I’m not perfect but I am telling you this helps) I constantly cycle through products. Since I went through a phase of overindulgence with makeup I wound up with a lot of products. I know I like to try new things that come out ever so often so I gave myself two rules. I either have to finish it to replace it or I have to give something simiar away to avoid clutter.

    Example: I brought a Stila eyeliner and soon after that decided I wanted a Kat Von D Tattoo liner instead. (We all have a hype product that just fails us miserably) I gave my stila away to my BFF (who just ran out) so I could get the different one.

    Can’t seem to give it away? My other rule is to finish the product. That helps me from overbuying and having things wasting away because I dont like it. I significantly slowed down because now I have products that I really like and I have no need to throw away and I dont want to give away. I really live my life by “If i can’t use it, don’t want to use it, or have stoped using it– GET RID OF IT.”

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