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City Girl Savings, LLC.
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by Brittany Lindsey on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Things I never thought possible

Raya's one-on-one coaching program is wonderful. I loved the weekly phone calls and the budget file that we could both access to help share information back and forth. Raya is a kind person who wants the best for her clients and very easy to talk to. I love that she would sometimes ask why do I think I made that choice and always reminded me to be intentional with each dollar. She was showing me things I could do with my money that I didn’t even know was possible with a little discipline. Since working with Raya, my net worth increased by almost $10,000…in just over 3 months! During the program, I was able to save $1000 in an emergency fund. I was able to pay for a family vacation. I no longer think of my credit card as extra money to use for spending since I now “pretend” I only have to live on the cash from my paycheck. I know that if I was faced with a $1000 emergency I could cover it without using credit cards. I also believe I would now be capable of building that savings back up a little each paycheck without dipping back in. If you’re thinking of working with Raya, Invest in yourself, invest in the knowledge, and invest in Raya. It will be worth it to have someone who doesn’t judge you or pressure you to spend money because she is interested in helping us meet our financial goals and nothing else!

by Kizzy M. on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Credit card debt free

Before I started working with Raya, I had high credit card debts. I had no budget/structure and I literally was spending money on things that I didn’t need. Since working with Raya, I am now credit card debt free. My credit score is increasing. I am now on a budgeting regimen, so I am spending my money on things needed. I am able to track my spending. I have an Emergency fund and investments set up with money going into it every month. Working on my next goal. Saving to buy my own car. I am now able to make smarter and wiser decisions with my money. If you’re thinking of doing the one-on-one coaching program with Raya, Go for it. Raya is amazing and will give you all the tools needed to be successful. Even when I felt like giving up. She was always encouraging me to keep pushing. When I was hard on myself Raya was always there to say it’s okay. Next time will be better. The program is well worth the money. I really couldn’t have done it without the program. So YES. Go for it. Overall Raya, I just want to say Thank you for everything. Even on my down days you were always there to encourage me. It’s been a short time. But it was well worth it. I can now say one of my goal (debt free) is completed and you set me up for success with my second goal and also my future. Thank you.

by Elise Peterson on City Girl Savings, LLC.
I loved your coaching program!

Before I started working with Raya, I was overwhelmed with debt and didn't know how to get out. I didn't have a savings plan and my financial knowledge was pretty naive. Once I got started with Raya and the coaching program, I learned how to take control of my money, my decisions, and my life. Raya gave me the tools to feel empowered and make smart choices for my present and more importantly my future. She helped me feel confident about my finances!

Some of the specific results I’ve had during my time with Raya include paying off two credit cards and will pay off an auto loan in just a couple more months. I started a couple savings accounts and a retirement account. I also started tracking all of my spending. Because of that, I feel more secure about my future and I feel empowered and in control. I can now prioritize my spending and I've learned to decipher wants vs. needs.

If you’re thinking about working with Raya, it is such an important investment for yourself and your future. Working with Raya was worth every penny. She truly changed my life! If I could tell Raya anything, I’d say thank you for everything! Thank you for not giving up on me and for being such a badass woman. Your program is amazing and I'm so happy to have worked with you. The tools you provide are life-changing. I loved your coaching program!

by Kara Hodges on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Professional, Kind, Empathetic & BADASS Financial Help

I'm nervous and excited to start my venture to being completely debt free. Before I signed up for her budget, I felt overwhelmed and was making a dramatic view in my head on what my finances looked like, but now that I have specific goals written down (in a professional portfolio) I feel confident that I can follow (eek) this budget. I'm so excited and I feel like I don't want to disappoint her because she worked so hard in creating something manageable for me to reach my goals. Here's to being debt free by 2022!!! Thanks again Raya, I look forward to providing you with updates on my upcoming months. Let's do this!!

by Jordan on City Girl Savings, LLC.
That transformation is unreal

Before working with Raya, my financial situation was a mess. I was living paycheck to paycheck. It was so odd how things transformed after I signed up for the coaching program with Raya, all these great things started happening. I wrote my first book, paid off a nice chunk of debt, and managed to save a little. Since I started working with Raya, I clearly have extra money each month and now that I can see where it was going, I am able to allocate it to where it actually should go. If you are thinking about signing up for Raya’s coaching program, it is an investment for yourself. Only do it if you are serious about whipping your finances into shape. All in all, I absolutely loved Raya! She didn’t have to ask about things like work or family, yet she did. Her feedback was always honest and realistic, but never brutal.

by Samantha on City Girl Savings, LLC.
These last 12 weeks are going to carry me through for the rest of my life

My favorite part of the coaching program was how much I learned during this process. Raya, you are so knowledgeable and could answer all my crazy questions! As far as my results from the 12 week program, I have more confidence, more knowledge, more money and an overall better understanding of the financial path that I am on! This is just the beginning. What I learned in these last 12 weeks are going to carry me through for the rest of my life. I know have so much more control and better understanding of what is means to be financially responsible and savvy! If you are on the fence about joining Raya’s program…JUST DO IT! You won't regret it one bit! it's worth the money and the time and the effort. Raya, you are amazing, don't ever stop doing what you were born to do, you will always be amazing in my eyes!

by Karen on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Just do it!

Thanks to everything I've learned with Raya I'm on my way to being debt free. With the skills she's taught me I'm confident that I'll never find myself in a bad debt situation again. I now tell my money where to go and don't feel like it's never enough. I'm now intentional with my spending. When I first started the coaching program, I felt like I didn't know where my paycheck went. Now, I know where every dollar I earn goes and it has actually helped me find money in my budget!

My favorite part of the 12 week one-on-one program was the weekly calls with Raya. Having that time to reflect on my spending and come up with a plan of action if I fell off course was crucial to helping me reach my goals. This was also a time to discuss long term goals for retirement and investing which I had questions about.

Raya was amazing to work with and the coaching program is worth every penny. I increased my retirement contributions, paid off a credit card and found extra money in my budget. I no longer need to use credit cards because I now know exactly where my money is going. Raya is great, she provides you with easy but effective strategies. At no point did I feel like I was depriving myself, instead I started to think about what my values are and where I actually wanted to spend.

Raya is super sweet and so easy to work with! Honestly it was a great experience and I like that things could be catered depending on my needs and what we discussed during our weekly calls. Just do it!

by Brittany on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Fresh outlook

Raya created a budget for me and I absolutely recommend it. I haven’t felt relief of my credit card debt for awhile and had so many empty plans of how to overcome this. Raya established a plan, showed me where my money was going, and helped me to see how long it would take to reach my goals. She has many great tools and resources and has provided me with a great network of women who are struggling with the same issues as me. Raya has restored faith in me that I can get out of this and once I do I can create and maintain a better lifestyle all with budgeting and keeping track of my expenses.

by Reisha T. on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Budgeting can be fun!

My favorite part of the program was the accountability aspect. Having Raya there to hold me accountable for my spending did wonders for my bank account. I had money leftover for two weeks, my savings was growing and I did not have to sacrifice "having fun" budget. I did not have a guilty feeling when I spent money because i always thought "what would Raya do or say?" She was such a positive influence in my budget. The weekly calls and random texts kept me in line with my spending. Accountability is definitely a motivator for me.

The specific results that I have seen money-wise is increased savings accounts (3 for the record), leftover money after a paycheck, wise spending within my budget, and correctly budgeting mishaps like medical insurance. I have noticed personality-wise that I am more reluctant to spend money on my wants than my needs. If I want something, I'll wait 3-5 days to purchase it. If I want it after 3-5 days and it fits within my budget, then I will go for it. If I am not interested after 3-5 days, it was lust and not needed. I like staying in my budget. Budgeting can be fun!

I have learned how to coupon while on budget, rearrange my budget for emergencies, recognize my needs from my wants and stay resistant to impulsive spending. I plan to keep doing these things along with bi-monthly check-ins from Raya and being responsible with my money. I also learned that I should only spend on my credit card what I have in my bank account to pay it off. No frivolous spending. I think about my purchases thoroughly before I pay anything.

If you’re in doubt about Raya's services and how she can help, trust that your instincts brought you to her for a reason! I was worried that I’d be in mountains of credit card debt forever and that I'll never follow a budget. However, I am officially free of nearly $3000 of credit card debt after just 3 months! Raya's methods work if you follow the budget set for you! She listens to your concerns and doesn't criticize you if you make a mistake. You truly won't regret enlisting her help.

Please Raya stay as sweet as you are! Your constant encouragement and wise words kept me hopeful and motivated to stay on budget. I could not have become debt-free without you. The process seemed daunting at first. I was scared to trust that this was going to be right for me when I hit a rough patch in the first month, but I am glad that I stuck through with this. The coaching program was exactly what I needed when I moved out on my own in June. I needed this to get on the right financial path and I am grateful for you being there every step of the way.

by Amanda K on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Worth the investment

Working one on one with Raya to create a budget that works for me. I also loved the weekly check in calls to review spending for the week and discuss hurdles, wins & plan for upcoming spending. The price tag looks a little scary, but honestly, it is the best investment I've made in myself for a long time. The program is worth the cost. Raya spends as much time helping you as you need.

She literally holds your hand the whole way through and offers so much great advice, friendship and a sounding board if you think you're about to make a hasty spending decision. She will be your voice of reason. Raya is just a call or text away and she responds quickly. I promise you won't be sorry that you enrolled in this program. If you're like me, you'd be spending the money on something silly anyways, (dining out, shopping, etc.) why not invest in your future?

I have been able to consistently save $1,000 per month in a high yield savings account. This money would be otherwise spent frivolously on things I did not need leaving me with buyers remorse and struggling by mid to late month to make it to my next paycheck (I get paid 1x a month). I truly think "What Would Raya Say" when I'm about to spend money I don't NEED to spend. She is the angel on my shoulder who keeps me in check because I KNOW she's going to ask me about the expense on our next call. Haha 🙂

Raya, you've changed my life for the better. I'll be forever grateful. The only thing I would change is enrolling in the program sooner. I've followed City Girl Savings on social media for a couple of years now and finally, one day one of her posts just really resonated with me and I said: "I'm doing this!" The process of getting your financial details to Raya is smooth and soooo easy! Raya does all the heavy lifting and creates a great budget tracker for you to input your monthly spending. It's actually pretty fun to input the debits and see where your money is really going. It's definitely eye-opening!

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