“ I feel a lot more in control and a lot more at ease about my financial situation. Instead of completely ignoring my account balances, I now have ambitious saving goals.”

Before I started working with Raya, my financial situation was stressful and felt out of control. I felt that since I was making decent money, I could just spend whatever I wanted. This however led to overspending, dread when I checked my account balances and wondering how I was going to afford rent.

After working with Raya, I feel a lot more in control and a lot more at ease about my financial situation. Instead of completely ignoring my account balances, I now have ambitious saving goals. I don’t feel guilty doing the things I love such as getting coffee out, shopping or getting my nails done, because I know they are within my budget. For the first time, I am really excited about where my finances can take me!

Here are some specific wins that came as a result of working with Raya: I have nearly doubled my net worth, paid off a significant amount of debt in 3 months, and have a realistic plan to continue building on all the progress I’ve made in this short time.”


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 65 reviews
 by Elizabeth Same
Rebuilding after divorce

Before working with Raya, I was trying to find my footing after divorce. Over the course of the program, I gained a lot of financial confidence and was able to make good financial decisions during a tough transition. I wanted to work with Raya to set a new foundation after a divorce and I feel like I was absolutely able to do that. I worked through some old money ideas and patterns that were holding me back and feel so much more confident and comfortable making my own financial decisions. Thinking of working with Raya? When you know the time is right, do it! I followed Raya for years and knew that I needed to sign up for her program as soon as I was able to make my own financial decisions! I'm so glad I did. I'm so glad I did this program, and am so excited about the tools I learned to build a strong foundation for my future and for my son's future.

 by Rocio
Awareness is Key

Before Raya, I was unclear on how to track every day expenses while paying down debt. I knew I still needed to eat, feed the dogs, take the dogs to vet but I didn't have a flow or system for it. Now, I am more confident that yes I put aside the money/budgeted for buying dog food, or "Yay! I saved money for an emergency vet visit." I don't feel guilty about eating out because I budgeted for it. I'm gaining more confidence the more I do it. I feel more in control now.

I have a clear debt repayment plan. It will help me sleep at night and to also cut the cycle of reloading myself with debt just because I have the bandwidth for it. Now that I got the bird's eye view of my finances, I know where I wanna go next. I realized I'm paying $3,500 towards debt each month and now I think of all the possibilities of having that extra cash each month, like traveling or actually having 6 months worth of living expenses should I wish to quit my job and pursue something I'm more passionate about.

The coaching program was so worth it. Raya is such a caring person and never judged me and provided me the space I needed to talk real about how I feel about money. She helped uncover some traumas behind it and how to overcome those. Awareness is key, but without action, it's pointless.

 by Danielle
Empowering Perspective

The budget Raya created for me will help me reach my goals. It was great to have a neutral 3rd party look over your finances and tell you where you can do better. I feel empowered knowing what I can do moving forward.

 by Karen Snyder
Half therapy, half financial planning

Before I started Raya’s coaching program, I had zero concept of what my financial situation was like. I knew I could pay my bills each month but that was about it. I was making "small monthly payments" on all of my debt but it wasn't getting me anywhere. It was so disheartening. I thought it was always going to be like that. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of where I was financially, like I should've known better. Until I started working with Raya I didn't realize how my own life events and my views on security and stability were affecting my money and spending habits.

Once I started with Raya I finally faced the emotional issues I had with money. I've always worried about not having enough cash on hand so I was putting all my expenses on a credit card. I knew I was piling on the debt but as long as I had cash I felt secure. Raya made me realize that real security is having a true understanding of where my money is going, how I can make my money work for me, how I can budget and still have the financial freedom to do what I want to do. I feel so much more confident now that I have my finances under control.

Taking control of my finances has taught me that staying within budget doesn't mean I have to sacrifice my lifestyle, controlling my finances has actually made my life better! I feel more confident. I'm not worried about money like I had been in the past. I was able to go on a week vacation with my family and pay for it all with cash from my "fun account." In less than 10 months from now, I'll have paid off over $50,000 in debt! I'll have over $4,000 extra each month once I don't have to pay down debt every month. That's over $4,000 just for me! That realization was mind blowing.

If you're scared to go with a coaching program it's most likely a clear sign that you need it. That first deep look into your finances can be scary and honestly, I was embarrassed to have to share my finances with Raya. I'm a professional, well educated, independent person, I guess I thought I should've known better than to get into such debt. Unless someone shows you how to truly budget and create a financial plan just for you, how will you know? I almost had to laugh once Raya sent me my own financial plan, it was so simple to follow and made my life so much better!

I am so appreciative that I can still reach out to Raya even after my program was completed. It's nice to be able to share my little financial victories with her because she knows how I felt about money and how this wasn't just a financial exercise for me but also an emotional one. Thank you for looking at my big picture and not just my bank account. It was half therapy and half financial planning! THANK YOU!

 by Lena
Raya is a magician!

Prior to starting the coaching program with Raya, my financial situation was all over the place and disorganized. Raya is like a magician! I was not working at a full-time capacity and I was able to save money for rent and still pay all my bills without touching my savings! Working with Raya made me think of my long-term financial goals in a way that I never have before. I knew that budgeting was the best, but since Raya’s program, I now SEE how my financial situation can change and improve with consistent budgeting. My advice for anyone thinking about working with Raya: GIRL, DO IT TODAY!

 by Tanya W.
Real Support

Before working with Raya, my financial situation was unorganized, overwhelming and stalled. My time working with Raya gave me a clear and organized picture of my finances. My savings has increased and my student loan balance is slowly decreasing. I am clear about my expenses and where my money is going. Having the tools from Raya will encourage me to continue budgeting and tracking my expenses on my own. If you’re considering Raya’s coaching program, definitely do it!! It will put on the right track to get your finances in order. Raya was non-judgmental, caring, informative, encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process.

 by Vanessa Garcia
The changes I went through in 3 months have no price!

Before Raya, my financial situation was bad. Low credit score. Constantly in overdraft & in debt maxing out all my credit cards. Once I started working with Raya, I got the structure that I needed with my finances. I'm now accountable for my spending and lost the fear I had with money. I feared looking at my account & now I’m able to save money. Since the program, my credit score has increased so much and I’m now able to be approved for so many things (like my own apartment) now. It's amazing what we accomplished in 3 months of working together. If you’re considering the program, DO IT! It may seem scary at first, but it has been an amazing experience. The changes I went through in 3 months have no price! I was able to clear out 3 credit cards to $0 balance and by next month will clear out another 3 cards & be debt free!! When it comes to Raya, I appreciate her guidance, patience, understanding and her overall wonderful spirited approach to finance. I want her to keep being herself and bringing that honest loving energy that she brings to every call. She is amazing to work with and even when I slipped into my "old ways" there was no judgment, just guidance on how to get back on track. She is real & a beautiful person inside and out!

 by Mackenzie B.
Just. Do. It.

Before I started with Raya, I was in debt which resulted in me having fair credit, had little to no savings, no money set aside for an emergency fund, no retirement set up and a huge out of control spending habit. Since working with Raya, I felt super motivated to make true positive changes in my financial situation right away. And by tracking my spending daily through her program, I was able to see where my money went and how much. I also discovered the reason behind my uncontrollable spending habits which turned out to be more of an emotional journey than a financial one.

Throughout my time in the program, I have been able to pay down some debt while paying off others, raise my credit score, build up my savings to allow for unexpected emergencies, set up a retirement plan and get my spending under control. Having such awesome results in a short amount of time and knowing that I am capable of such success will help me continue moving forward in achieving financial goals and leave a legacy. If you’ve been thinking of working with Raya, Just. Do. It. It doesn't matter where you start, only that you do start.

 by Amy Blenk
Do It!

Anyone who is considering signing up to work with Raya absolutely should do it! The cost can seem iffy at first, especially when you're already unhappy with your finances - but you're not just paying for Raya's time and skills, you're making an investment in yourself & your finances & honestly in your own future and independence!

Even if you think your finances are already in a good place - and you might be right about that! - you can still learn from Raya. The idea of "money mindset" is super important, and Raya has tips & pieces of the process that apply to everyone regardless of how much debt or savings or confidence or uncertainty you are bringing to the table.

Raya teaches us from a place of success but she has personally done the work already, and it allows her to raise thoughtful points without even a hint of judgment. Raya is also not afraid to ask clarifying questions and be transparent when she has room to learn herself (I am a teacher & our pension system is definitely wonky to an outsider, but once I talked her through it she was able to incorporate it meaningfully and effectively in our planning!)

 by Jennifer Hill
Doubled my savings in 12 weeks!

Before I began working with Raya, my finances were uncertain, and I didn’t have a solid budget in place. While working with Raya, I started having clarity around my monthly spending and was able to increase my overall savings plan significantly. Specifically, I have doubled my savings and I’m able to now see what’s a need versus what’s a want. If you’re on the fence about working with Raya, please do yourself a favor and sign up with her coaching program. She is a great accountability partner that will help you get organized in your finances. This will surely empower one to make better decisions once one sees their financial status. So, no matter what you're going through, START! You won't be disappointed.

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