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City Girl Savings, LLC.
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 28 reviews
by Brittany on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Fresh outlook

Raya created a budget for me and I absolutely recommend it. I haven’t felt relief of my credit card debt for awhile and had so many empty plans of how to overcome this. Raya established a plan, showed me where my money was going, and helped me to see how long it would take to reach my goals. She has many great tools and resources and has provided me with a great network of women who are struggling with the same issues as me. Raya has restored faith in me that I can get out of this and once I do I can create and maintain a better lifestyle all with budgeting and keeping track of my expenses.

by Reisha T. on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Budgeting can be fun!

My favorite part of the program was the accountability aspect. Having Raya there to hold me accountable for my spending did wonders for my bank account. I had money leftover for two weeks, my savings was growing and I did not have to sacrifice "having fun" budget. I did not have a guilty feeling when I spent money because i always thought "what would Raya do or say?" She was such a positive influence in my budget. The weekly calls and random texts kept me in line with my spending. Accountability is definitely a motivator for me.

The specific results that I have seen money-wise is increased savings accounts (3 for the record), leftover money after a paycheck, wise spending within my budget, and correctly budgeting mishaps like medical insurance. I have noticed personality-wise that I am more reluctant to spend money on my wants than my needs. If I want something, I'll wait 3-5 days to purchase it. If I want it after 3-5 days and it fits within my budget, then I will go for it. If I am not interested after 3-5 days, it was lust and not needed. I like staying in my budget. Budgeting can be fun!

I have learned how to coupon while on budget, rearrange my budget for emergencies, recognize my needs from my wants and stay resistant to impulsive spending. I plan to keep doing these things along with bi-monthly check-ins from Raya and being responsible with my money. I also learned that I should only spend on my credit card what I have in my bank account to pay it off. No frivolous spending. I think about my purchases thoroughly before I pay anything.

If you’re in doubt about Raya's services and how she can help, trust that your instincts brought you to her for a reason! I was worried that I’d be in mountains of credit card debt forever and that I'll never follow a budget. However, I am officially free of nearly $3000 of credit card debt after just 3 months! Raya's methods work if you follow the budget set for you! She listens to your concerns and doesn't criticize you if you make a mistake. You truly won't regret enlisting her help.

Please Raya stay as sweet as you are! Your constant encouragement and wise words kept me hopeful and motivated to stay on budget. I could not have become debt-free without you. The process seemed daunting at first. I was scared to trust that this was going to be right for me when I hit a rough patch in the first month, but I am glad that I stuck through with this. The coaching program was exactly what I needed when I moved out on my own in June. I needed this to get on the right financial path and I am grateful for you being there every step of the way.

by Amanda K on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Worth the investment

Working one on one with Raya to create a budget that works for me. I also loved the weekly check in calls to review spending for the week and discuss hurdles, wins & plan for upcoming spending. The price tag looks a little scary, but honestly, it is the best investment I've made in myself for a long time. The program is worth the cost. Raya spends as much time helping you as you need.

She literally holds your hand the whole way through and offers so much great advice, friendship and a sounding board if you think you're about to make a hasty spending decision. She will be your voice of reason. Raya is just a call or text away and she responds quickly. I promise you won't be sorry that you enrolled in this program. If you're like me, you'd be spending the money on something silly anyways, (dining out, shopping, etc.) why not invest in your future?

I have been able to consistently save $1,000 per month in a high yield savings account. This money would be otherwise spent frivolously on things I did not need leaving me with buyers remorse and struggling by mid to late month to make it to my next paycheck (I get paid 1x a month). I truly think "What Would Raya Say" when I'm about to spend money I don't NEED to spend. She is the angel on my shoulder who keeps me in check because I KNOW she's going to ask me about the expense on our next call. Haha 🙂

Raya, you've changed my life for the better. I'll be forever grateful. The only thing I would change is enrolling in the program sooner. I've followed City Girl Savings on social media for a couple of years now and finally, one day one of her posts just really resonated with me and I said: "I'm doing this!" The process of getting your financial details to Raya is smooth and soooo easy! Raya does all the heavy lifting and creates a great budget tracker for you to input your monthly spending. It's actually pretty fun to input the debits and see where your money is really going. It's definitely eye-opening!

by Tristan on City Girl Savings, LLC.
I think about money differently

I was hesitant to get a financial coach but this was the best investment. Raya, you helped me feel more comfortable and actively start prepping for my 3-5 year goals! I’ve recommended her to several friends and some are currently working with her!

Since I started working with Raya I've seen a tremendous improvement in my finances. Raya diversified my 401K, placed me in a high yield savings accounts and helped me establish an emergency saving account for unexpected events. In the 12-week program, I've increased my high yield saving account by nearly $1,200 and my 401K is increasing by nearly $500/month by simply making sure I had the proper ratio of stocks to bonds.

My favorite part of the coaching program was discussing on a weekly basis my spending habits and what impacted my ability to stay on course. I also like our discussion related to home ownership, investments, and retirement. From our sessions, I got a better picture of how money actually works and how to feel comfortable with money. As I move forward, I've learned to use cash and not credit cards. If I'm going to use my credit card I pay it off instantly. I also think how I will cover certain expenses that are not a part of my budget like buying new shoes and clothes. Overall, Raya makes you think of money differently and not to be scared of managing your finances.

by Judith on City Girl Savings, LLC.
You need to be a household name!

When I first began the one-on-one program with Raya, I thought I was just going to get help budgeting for my credit card bill, but instead I received a personalized budget plan that had me paying off two credit cards, one of my school loans and saving in two accounts. Who knew so much could be accomplished in 3 months. Raya is a God-sent woman!

My favorite part of Raya's coaching program was that I not only learned how to budget on a month to month basis but I also learned about mortgages, stocks, high yield saving account, my 401K, car insurance, etc. I can go on and on because Raya has an understanding of it all. I found myself getting a special notebook just for our sessions.

Raya is much more than a coach. Talking to her on a weekly basis I felt as though she was my confidante and friend. She praises you for doing well and does not make you feel less than for your mistakes. Before forging this relationship I was weary about how successful/helpful it would be, but trust me, she taught me things I didn't even think I was prepared for at my age. How is it that by the end of August I will have paid off two credit cards, a school loan, save in two saving accounts and have enough to go on a 5 day vacation to Punta Cana. I didn't even think all that was possible before I started the coaching program with Raya. She helps you organize your life! I owe her everything because not only is my financial situation improving but my credit score is also amazing. I even have a clearer understanding about what I need to have saved for retirement, mind you I am only in my mid-20s. This all happened in only in 3 months people!! I want women to understand that we can take our financial situations by the reigns and that is exactly what Raya helps you do. She is focused and determined to help you with all your financial questions and issues no matter your age. I say take the leap because you will not regret it!!!

Moving forward I am confident that I can handle any bill that comes my way because Raya has prepared me for the worse. I have two saving accounts (high yield and regular savings) that makes me feel beyond ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Raya's time and effort creating and recreating my debt repayment plan has left me feeling confident, strong and independent. I will not rely on credit cards for unanticipated bills any longer.

by Jessica on City Girl Savings, LLC.
One on One Support is Amazing!

The best part of the coaching program with Raya and City Girl Savings, has been the one-on-one support I received with absolutely no judgement or criticisms. Financial independence is different for everyone and sometimes it can be downright embarrassing to admit one's financial status - especially to someone totally new. However, the service and support I received from Raya made me feel comfortable and confident when it came to sharing my financial status and working on a plan to reach my financial goals.

Because of the program, I am much more conscious of how I spend my money; I am not as impulsive and really think about my spends much more carefully. I have made all bill and debt payments on time and I have a thorough Debt Repayment Plan that puts a vision on how/when my current debts will be paid off.

I'm more motivated than ever to reach my New Year's Resolution of working towards financial independence, and with the continued support of Raya's budget plan and City Girl Savings resources, I am feeling more confident than ever to keep striving higher to become financially independent.

For anyone considering working with Raya… Do it! And don't wait either...I waited for about a year and a half before I finally took the plunge and started working with Raya after discovering City Girl Savings through social media. I wish I committed and started working with Raya when I first learned of City Girl Savings as I can only imagine how much better shape I would be in financially if I did not wait.

Raya is a fantastic advisor, mentor, and confidante! The individualized support, weekly meetings and personalized budget plan that Raya put together was extremely helpful and supportive. Honestly, her Debt Repayment Plan is one of the best things I have ever received! Without Raya's time and efforts I would not feel as confident about becoming more financially independent. I truly felt as though I had an accountability partner that I could rely on to keep me on track when I felt as though I could slip with my finances. Though I'm sad that my coaching program has come to an end, I'm extremely excited to continue working on my finances and know that I can reach my goals all thanks to Raya.

by Ariel J. on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Coaching Program was great!

Since joining the 3-month coaching program with Raya and City Girl Savings, I've been able to pay off one of my credit cards, make a large dent in paying off another card (even after having to pay for an unexpected car repair) and I was able to open up an emergency savings account!

Those accomplishments will keep me focused on paying off all of my credit card debt within the next year! Now that I have more information and an actual realistic timeline on when I should be finished paying if off, I'm very motivated to stay away from relying on my credit cards and to stay within my budget to reach my goals!

One of my favorite parts of the program was being shown how far my money could go with the correct budget! Being able to talk to Raya about how to correctly utilize my 401k and the importance of starting to prepare for retirement early was great! I'm actually now saving for my retirement and I feel so comfortable with how my budget has kept me focused on the big picture of being debt-free!

For anyone considering working with Raya…Sign up! It's so worth it! Being able to talk to Raya about 401k, credit cards, decisions on how to pay for the unexpected bill/repair, and actually seeing an impact on your debt is what makes the program so great. Raya took time to explain the entire budget and adjust it as my financial situation changed. Plus, it's worth having someone hold you accountable for your spending and you're able to contact Raya with questions and get realistic honest answers! The program is definitely worth it!

by Sterling on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Raya has been a pleasure to work with!

I've been struggling with getting my finances under control for months (heck, years!). That's why I was so happy when my friend recommended CGS. Raya is so great - from the initial phone call to the budget plan to post-plan questions. The process was smooth and Raya made me feel comfort every step of the way. Thank you, Raya!!

by Isabelle D. on City Girl Savings, LLC.
Thank You, Raya!

Raya has been such a help getting my finances back on track! Before working with her, I was barely able to save, and pay off my credit card & loan debt and was pretty much living paycheck to paycheck. By having our weekly sessions, we were able to pinpoint where exactly my money was going and found areas that I could cut back my spending on. Raya was also great at making me look ahead of my budget to avoid times where my budget and progress would take a financial hit (i.e. planning ahead for travelling or vacations, or buying flight tickets).Working with Raya helped me to pay off over $3,000 worth of credit card debt and loans. If you are on the fence about taking this jump, I highly recommend you go to Raya to help you snatch your finances back into shape!

by Caitlin H. on City Girl Savings, LLC.
I Reached My Goal!

I stuck with the plan that Raya set up for me and ended up reaching my goal of saving $10,000 in my emergency fund! Thanks to my CGS budget plan and thanks in part to a generous tax refund, not dipping into my emergency fund unless I absolutely had to, and saving an extra $70 per pay period towards the end, I was able to reach my goal a full 9 months early! Now that I have an emergency fund I'm ready to start saving for a down payment on a house. Thank you so much for your help!

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