3 Instances for Rocking Natural Make-up

Who doesn’t want their make-up to look natural? Nowadays, natural make-up is all the rage. From celebrities, beauty bloggers, and trendy fashionistas, rocking a barely-there make-up look with a natural glow goes a long way. Need help rocking natural make-up? Look no further!

The CGS Team is sharing 3 situations where it’s perfectly all right to keep your make-up toned down and fresh. While we will never get rid of our red lipstick, there are certain times where natural is better. Before we get into the 3 best situations to where natural makeup, how about a tutorial on nailing the glow-inducing look!

3 Ways to Rock Natural Makeup

Applying Naturally

When it comes to nailing the natural look, one assumes no make-up is key. This is definitely not the case! Make-up can be used to enhance your features and provide great coverage. When beginning to achieve a natural look, it’s important to start with a freshly washed and moisturized face. Having a nice, clean base to start with is key.

After cleaning your skin, apply good moisture to your face. Try opting for a tinted lotion that blends easily with your skin tone. BB creams are great because they provide a light tint, moisture, and include SPF!

Be sure to apply your concealer to areas that seem discolored or dab on any blemishes. For dark circles, swipe the concealer under your eyes, then pat with a finger to blend. If your skin tends to be more on the oily side don’t freak out! Just apply an oil-absorbing powder to your skin moving the brush in a circular motion on your face before applying any foundation.

After your face is prepped, use an eye-brow gel to smooth away any stray hairs and enhance the color. You can also opt for a bronzer on your cheeks for a modest, sun-kissed glow. Lip balm to smooth out your lips and you are good to go!

Be Yourself During Interviews

The first and best situation to rock the natural make-up look is during an interview. Having too much make-up can be distracting to the person asking questions. Since your goal is to land the job based on your professional experience, excess make-up is certainly not needed.

The last thing you would want them to remember about you is your overdone make-up. A fresh face will let your natural beauty shine and your personality sparkle!

Enhance Your Natural Beauty on a First Date

Most guys (if not all of them) love a girl that can be comfortable in her own skin. What better way to show your confidence then by flaunting your natural beauty? The great thing about natural make-up is that it looks natural! Your date won’t be able to tell that make-up is on.

First dates can kind of be overwhelming, and pounding on tons of make-up will probably just get sweated off before you even meet. It’s not necessary to cake on your make-up for your first date. A nice, natural look will go a long way.

Random Outings

With natural-looking make-up being so easy to apply, it’s great when spontaneous or random events pop up! If you’re in a hurry and need to get somewhere quick, applying your natural make-up will get the job done and allow you to feel confident leaving the house.

No need to worry about false lashes or winged eyeliner when you’re going au natural! Make sure you take a favorite lip color with you, just in case you need to spruce up or add a little color.

Natural make-up is a great way to show your confidence and keep your cosmetic products lasting longer. So save the glamour for special events. What natural beauty tips do you use? What must be done before you leave the house, natural or not? Leave a comment below and lets all start a beauty discussion!

-The CGS Team



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