3 Quick Fixes for Melting Makeup

3 Quick Fixes for Melting Make-Up

As summer approaches, so does the heat. Many women experience the same issues when a heat wave strikes, and one issue in particular is the appearance of melting make-up! When it’s hot and you’re sweating, you can feel like your make-up is running down your face!

The CGS Team has a few tips to help make sure you look dewy and fresh, regardless of the heat! With these quick fixes, you no longer will have to worry about looking like melting ice cream while you are out and about on a beautiful summer day.

3 Quick Fixes for Melting Makeup

1. Apply Powder to Oily Areas

Everyone’s skin type is different, but some skin types become oilier than others. Oily skin can add the appearance of extra moisture, leaving you shiny and wet-looking. If you have combination skin, sometimes the specific oily areas that make our make-up look more melted than normal.

Adding powder to those areas, as well as your whole face, will reduce the shiny appearance. Pay special attention to the “T zone” area which commonly develops oil. If you are out and about, keep refreshing your powder throughout the day. You only need to apply a thin layer of powder, otherwise you will be dealing with a cakey appearance.

2. Limit Your Liquid Foundation Use

Here at CGS,  we understand wanting full coverage in your make-up. The most common mistake of applying make-up is applying too much. This can be a real problem during the hot seasons. It’s better to apply a thin layer of liquid foundation, and then go over any blemishes with a concealer.

This will help cover blemishes and reduce the amount of foundation you wear. Wearing too much foundation during the hot seasons can work against you. Wearing less of the foundation and touching up with powder will help prevent your face from appearing pasty.

3. Try Mist Setting Spray

A mist finishing spray can definitely work wonders to help prevent the appearance of melting make-up. We love the MAC Prep + PrimeFix Spray because it does two things for the price of one. This product is a lightweight, mineral mist that helps refresh the skin and finishes make-up for long wear use.

Applying a light layer of this spray all over your face will give you the ultimate glam look regardless of the scorching sun.

Make-up that melts during the summertime is our worst nightmare! We hope with these minor adjustments, you won’t have to experience melting make-up again. Do you have any tips for keeping your make-up fresh in the summer heat? Share your thoughts with us below!

-The CGS Team



6 thoughts on “3 Quick Fixes for Melting Make-Up”

  1. I perspire quickly too especially during summer! I hear Urban Decay’s makeup setting spray works wonders, and there’s various different k=types based on your specific need…I just purchased some today, I will let you know how it works in this heat!

  2. I don’t wear concealer often but I did have great success with esteem lauder concealer. I stood in a wedding in Florida in the summer and the esteem lauder concealer was recommended to me. It worked great and I didn’t experience any melting makeup or shiny wet spots.

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