Perfecting Your First-Day-of-Work Look

When it comes to your first day of work, first impressions mean the world! Whether this is your first job right out of college, the first day with a new company after years in the workforce, or simple a fresh start, how you dress for the day says a lot about you.  The key is to let your personality come through, while always staying professional. The CGS Team is sharing a few tips to help you nail your first-day-of-work look and continue to dress to impress.

Dress Up, Before You Dress Down

It doesn’t matter what your new role is, the first day of work should reflect you at your most professional. If you aren’t sure exactly what to wear on your first day, think “dress up” before you think of dressing down. Even if you are overdressed compared to your peers, you will stand out in a positive light.  Imagine if you were under-dressed. Not only would you shed a negative light on yourself, you may be forced to leave and go change.

Dress for the Job You Want

Career experts say that you should always dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  In order to do this, you must do your research! Do you want to be Editor-in-Chief of a magazine? What does an Editor-in-Chief wear?  Do you want to be a PR professional? What are local PR professionals wearing in their company picture?

If you aren’t used to dressing up, take some time on a Saturday or Sunday and go try on some clothes. Stores like Express and New York and Company target young professional women. Check out the article Corporate Wear for Less for work-wear inspiration if you are on a budget!

Laid back or Conservative?

What do you do if you are unsure of how laid back or conservative your office is from a color standpoint? You already know that you should be dressing up, but should you incorporate bright colors?

Fashion Writer Kristyn Schiavone shares her input: “I think a colorful pencil skirt, patterned blouse, closed-toe pumps, and a piece of statement jewelry is perfect for the first day on the job. Or, you can color-block and pair a bright skirt with a shirt in a different color. If you’re not sure about how conservative the office is, you can pair a skirt in a neutral (such as blush) with a subtle pattern (like a black and white Swiss dot top).”

Stay Inspired

The first day of work is always the most nerve-wracking. You want to give a good impression. You want to look professional. Keep that motivation as you continue to get acquainted with your new role. Always dress like it’s the first day of work! The Nailing Your Work Wardrobe article shares some great recipes for the perfect work wardrobe.

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Let your personality shine, especially in the workplace. Dressing for work doesn’t have to be a negative experience, especially if you know how to incorporate your personal style into your selections! How do you dress for work? Do you have a specific work outfit that has gotten you through major meetings or appointments? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I work from home, but whenever I have a meeting or need to go into the office, I always make sure to dress up a step above the requirement. Great read!

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