5 Statement Pieces I Want to Budget For

If you know my story, you know there was a point in my life where I valued material things. I would spend my last dollar to buy a new top. I would rack up credit card debt to ensure that I had an outfit for the weekend’s events. It got so bad that I had clothes with tags on them years later. I had shoes that have never been worn. In fact, a few years ago, I did a major closet overhaul and the result of my bad spending behavior stared right back at me.


I’m proud to say that I got rid of so many clothes with that overhaul. I was able to get my closet down to a manageable size. Meaning, I could actually see what clothes I had to choose from. It also allowed me to see what pieces I needed. Now, I could save and budget for new items that came into the closet. That leads me to a few statement pieces I’ve recently decided to budget and save for.

5 Statement Pieces I Want to Budget For

#1 A classic trench coat

Maybe it’s because I’m in my mid-30s, or maybe it’s because my style has evolved, either way, I want to invest in a classic trench coat. I live in Texas, so I may not have very many opportunities to use the coat, but I want it when I need it. It could also come in handy while traveling in the colder months.

If I’m being honest, a Burberry trench coat would be EVERYTHING! However, I’m not sure if I want to be saving for this trench coat for years! I’ll need to do some research on what makes a quality trench coat and determine a budget from there. I love that classic trench coats can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion!

#2 A little black dress

The last little black dress I purchased was in my 20s for a night out on the town. Meaning, the dress barely covers my behind and is skin-tight. Not only have I gained a few pounds since then, but my style has definitely evolved. I’m in need of a little black dress that makes me feel comfortable and confident.

Form-fitting is good and ideally knee-length and sleeveless.

My hope for this little black dress is that I can wear it many different ways. I want it to be versatile – able to dress up or dress down, depending on the accessories I pair with it. Because I plan to wear this dress relatively often, I don’t mind spending more for great quality.

#3 Knee-high boots

Over the years, I’ve invested in knee-high boots of different styles. I have riding boots, heel boots and even booties (not knee-high, I know). I wish I could say that I’ve been 100% in love with the boots I’ve had up until this point, but I can’t. Maybe it’s because I haven’t ever owned a pair of knee-high, leather, platform boots. That is exactly what I want!

I think black would be the best bet for me, just based on the color of my wardrobe – I’d be able to pair them with a lot more pieces. However, I’m not opposed to other colors. If I find the style that I’m looking for, I can dress these boots with anything!

While I do prefer leather for the boots, I wouldn’t be opposed to suede as well. I think suede would require extra care (the stains on suede are ruthless), but it would be worth the work. I love wearing boots, so having a pair that stands out above the rest is high on my “want” list!

#4 A black leather trench coat

Now this statement piece is the newest on my list. Around Christmastime last year, my girlfriends and I went out to dinner. One of my girlfriends showed up in a STUNNING black leather coat that was trench-style (longer, with a belt). She looked amazing and the coat was amazing. I think because I already want a trench coat, knowing that having a black-leather trench in my wardrobe would be another great piece that I could wear often.

The styles are very similar, but because of the color and fabric, it would be two very different coats. Which means I could get more bang for my buck when styling outfits! Ah, I’m so inspired right now! I wish I could do a wardrobe rehaul, but I’ll control myself and focus on these few pieces first!

#5 A bold pantsuit

The final statement piece I want in my budget is a bold pantsuit. Back when I worked for the major financial institution, I had to travel to the corporate offices in California. I purchased a light grey pantsuit and I loved it. It was definitely more modest in color than I would like now, but that was what was required of it.

Now, I want a pantsuit in a bold color like red or fuchsia. I understand that I won’t wear the suit as often as some of the other statement pieces, but when I need it, it will deliver! I could also wear the blazer or pants separately – great color but paired down with other pieces. It can serve multiple purposes!

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Now that I’ve identified the fashion statement pieces I want to budget for, I can start the research process! I can see what styles and feedback are out there and start getting clear on spending limits for each item. Once those spending limits are set, I can adjust my budget to start saving!

Are there any statement pieces on your wish list? Where do you typically start when looking for items to add to your wardrobe? I’d love to hear from you, so drop a comment below to share!

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