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Whether you have an interview coming up, an important meeting to attend, or a corporate position in the bag already, business casual clothing is a necessity for any woman. We are not talking chunky, ill-fitting suits either. We are talking about fashionable, cool-colored business outfits that can be worn to the office and even out after! The CGS Team is going to show you the best stores to get great corporate wear for less. These stores are pretty common, but if you don’t have one close by then consider shopping online. There may be additional discounts!

So before we show you the best stores for fashionable corporate wear at a great price, you must decide what it is that you actually need. Do you need a one-time outfit for an interview or meeting? Do you need a wardrobe upgrade? A few key pieces that every woman should have, regardless of the event or job, is a classic blazer, a collared button-up, tailored slacks, and black pumps.

These staple pieces can be worn together or mixed with other items! Knowing exactly what you need to buy will help prevent you from overspending. If you already have tailored slacks or a knee-length skirt, focus on a nice blouse and a blazer. Here are some of our favorite stores for getting great looking business clothing at affordable prices!


Not only does Express sell fashionable clothing, they also have a section designated for the working woman. Slacks in every size, “Portofino” blouses in every color, and much more! 


Another great place to get affordable work clothes is H&M! With a variety of sizes and styles, you can’t go wrong.

New York & Company

Not only can you get affordable pieces at New York & Company, but on occasion they collab with trendy celebs. We personally love their collaboration with Eva Mendes!

Ann Taylor

You can’t go wrong with Ann Taylor! Their pieces can transition from work to leisure as well!

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Our favorite stores cater to the workingwoman just as much as they cater to the woman’s night out. Remember to focus on the key pieces and only pick up items you truly need. What do you think of fashionable work wear? Do you have any favorite stores or pieces that weren’t mentioned in this article? Share your thoughts, pictures and feedback with the community!

-The CGS Team



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  1. So i definitely shop or have shopped at all of the stores listed above. But i have a soft spot for Express when it comes to dress pants. I really like their dress pants because they have so many different styles tailored to different body shapes and fit preferences. Go check them out. My favorite style is called the columnist pants, they fit looser in the hips and tighter at the bottom.

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