Natural Ways to Fight Wrinkles

Of course we all wish we could stay looking young forever. Most cosmetic treatments and surgeries are done to reduce the effects of aging. However, if you start practicing good habits when you’re young, you can delay the appearance of wrinkles. The CGS team has found some simple and natural ways to fight wrinkles and delay their appearance.

Although we know getting wrinkles is unavoidable, who says we can’t slow the process of their visibility? Check out these natural, effective ways to fight against wrinkles.

Natural ways to fight wrinkles

Stop Smoking

We can go on and on about the negative effects of smoking! Smoking not only causes damage to the inside of your body, it also damages your skin. Smoking causes skin to wrinkle faster, which causes you to look years older than you really are. Smoking deprives your skin of the one most important things it needs to stay radiant, oxygen.

The harsh chemicals found in cigarettes are passed through your body with each inhale. Do your skin, health and body a favor by staying away from these nasty things! Not to mention, smoking can also ruin your pretty smile!

Use Sunscreen

Nowadays, you can’t read a magazine without learning that sunscreen is a daily habit, even if there is no pool involved. It’s extremely important to apply sun screen to your face and body every time you step outside. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, being exposed to the sun outside without sunscreen causes skin damage from UV rays.

UV rays are the primary cause of premature aging and skin cancer. Protecting your skin from sun damage will limit your likelihood of having premature wrinkles. Use sunscreen when you head outside and limit the amount of sun bathing, and you will have healthier, younger looking skin. Anti-aging isn’t the only reason to use sunscreen, check out the article What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer to really understand why you need it.

Drink Water

Fighting wrinkles is just one of the reasons to drink more water. Water is an everyday essential. It keeps your body hydrated and helps prevent your skin from looking and feeling dry. Moisture is essential in keeping your skin looking healthy. Water is also a key element in ridding any toxins from your body. Simply drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day can help get your skin on the right path to avoiding premature wrinkles. Proper hydration is important for long-term health benefits, and long-lasting radiant skin.

Use Natural Products

Washing your face daily is absolutely necessary in caring for your skin. Using a face cleanser with only natural ingredients helps you avoid hurting your skin. This means you should limit your use of commercial based face washes, toners, and moisturizers. While some of the products may advertise wrinkle free benefits, they may include chemicals that could be harmful to your skin.

According to TreeHugger, the FDA has not evaluated roughly 90% of cosmetic skin care products. That means that 90% of the products may not be as good for you as they seem. It’s important to read the label before purchasing skin care items. Look for products that are all-natural and paraben and sulfate free. Your skin will thank you!

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If you want fighting wrinkles to comes naturally, then take care of your skin like you’re supposed to! The CGS Team enjoys hearing from their readers! Let us know which natural ways you’ve found effective in boosting your skin’s radiance. Leave a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



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