5 Habits Ruining Your Smile

The worst thing is feeling embarrassed about something, especially when that something has to do with your physical self. Whether you are a public figure or someone that just brings joy to other people with your presence, having a confident smile should be a part of your many attributes. The CGS team has put together 5 habits that could be causing your beautiful smile to be a nightmare grin. Unfortunately, some of the daily habits we have cause our smile to ruin without even realizing it. On the upside, to every bad habit is a positive correction that can be fixed!

Not Flossing

Flossing is a major role in keeping your mouth clean, gums healthy, and smile nice. It’s one thing that can be done any time of the day, and anywhere. Whenever you brush your teeth, it should be second nature to floss immediately after. Flossing at least once a day is great for keeping your teeth white.  Flossing helps remove the excessive plaque buildup around your teeth. Plaque is usually in between the teeth and along the gum line. Too much plaque can cause caking around your teeth and turn them yellow over time.

Flossing after you’ve brushed will help prevent the onset of gum disease. In many cases, flossing is the number one tool in controlling bad breath by removing the bacteria and food debris between each tooth. A great smile can be ruined with bad breath behind it, so remember to floss daily!

Teeth Grinding

Most of the time teeth grinding is done innocently while we sleep. Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism and it can totally change a person’s smile. When you grind your teeth, it prematurely breaks down your teeth causing major tooth sensitivity. Grinding your teeth can cause mouth pain, tension headaches, and a ruined smile.

Sometimes bruxism is done while asleep, and over time destroys the outer layer of a person’s teeth, which is known as the enamel. If this happens to you, your dentist can make a custom night guard for you to protect your teeth and help stop the habit.

Brushing at the wrong time

Who knew there was right time and wrong time to brush your teeth?! Well on the bright side, as long as you’re brushing your teeth regularly you shouldn’t worry too much! A few studies have shown that it’s better to brush before or after eating, depending on what you are consuming. If you want to be stern with your brushing schedule, brush your teeth an hour or so after eating or drinking foods that contain a lot of acid (like soft drinks, citrus fruits, or even wine).

It is best to rinse with water after eating something acidic to neutralize the acids. Immediately after exposing our teeth to the high acid environment the enamel weakens our teeth. Weakened enamel can cause a “see-through” look on our teeth. Not a great trait for a healthy smile.

Chewing ice

During the hot summer season, we find any way to stay cool, even if that means chewing on chilling-cold ice. Chewing on ice may keep us cool at the moment, but the coldness of ice can cause the nerves connected to our teeth to damage.  Damaged nerves can cause teeth problems down the line.

Try sucking on small pieces of ice that can melt in your mouth, instead of chewing on them. When chewing on ice you may be putting your teeth in harm’s way. The amount of force you have to use to break down the ice can break any fillers or molars you have towards the back of your teeth. This is another recipe for a smile disaster!

Nail Biting

As a nervous mechanism some people eat, some people smoke, and other people bite their nails. Although in retrospect, it doesn’t seem as harmful as other mechanisms, it is harmful to your smile. This is the most commonly found bad habit in children and even adults.

Whether it’s learned behavior or self-taught when we are thinking, during stressed times, we tend to put our nails under their teeth. It’s a bad habit that needs to stop, it’s bad for your teeth and your health. The number of germs you pick up on your hands from touching everyday items, only to put them into your mouth can make you sick. You can also damage your nail bed.

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If none of these habits apply to you, then we are officially envious of your smile!  If you’ve noticed that one or two of these habits apply to you, no need to freak out! Simply work on trying to break the bad habit. Is there a habit we didn’t list that can ruin someone’s smile? What habits have turned your teeth yellow in the past? Comment below to share! Also, like our Facebook page and follow our other social media accounts Instagram & Twitter @citygirlsavings!

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