6 Tips for a Gorgeous Smile!

Whoever said a beautiful smile is not the first thing a person sees on someone’s face must not take pride in a gorgeous, white smile! Who doesn’t like a good set of pearly whites? The CGS Team has come up with 6 tips to help you get that Colgate smile. These tips for a gorgeous smile include product recommendations, as well as foods and habits that you should avoid to maintain that picture perfect smile.

Tips for a gorgeous smile

Tip #1: Brush Your Teeth Multiple Times a Day

Brushing your teeth more than once day will help maintain a brighter and healthier smile. Start off by brushing your teeth every morning when you first wake up, and before you go to bed at night. Also, try brushing your teeth after every meal to get rid of the left over food in your teeth. Before you know it, you will begin to see a major difference in how your pearls shine, but most importantly you’ll see a difference in how fresh your mouth feels!

Tip #2: Use Whitening Products

Incorporate whitening tools in your routine, such as whitening strips, whitening rinse, and whitening toothpaste. From Crest to Listerine, these teeth whitening tools have been known to turn teeth shades whiter over time. The only hard part is staying dedicated to the cause. If you are determined to have your pearls shine brighter, use these products regularly as instructed! Simply follow the directions and see how your smile goes from simple to stellar.

Tip #3: An Apple a Day, and Other Foods

If you’re hesitant about the whitening strips and other tools to get a brighter smile, then there is nothing wrong with doing things the old fashion way. Eating healthy foods such as apples, celery and even carrots can help achieve a whiter smile. These foods trigger salvia production, which washes away the bacteria from your teeth; ultimately resulting in a healthier mouth.

Tip #4: Say No to Tobacco!

Quit smoking! Not only is it harmful to your health, it also destroys your teeth over time. Tobacco from cigarettes and similar products leaves yellow stains on your teeth and these stains are nearly impossible to remove by brushing. Smoking can also lead to gum disease and tooth decay. The longer you smoke the harder it will be for you to get your pearls looking as bright as they could be!

Tip #5: Limit Your Coffee & Soda

Avoid drinking dark drinks and eating dark foods. Certain nourishments are just too good to say no, so instead of directly touching these foods with your teeth use alternatives. When ordering your favorite Starbucks latte, drink from a straw rather than directly from the cup. After eating or drinking anything with dark tint, rinse your mouth out or brush your teeth to prevent the stains from sinking into your teeth.

Tip #6: Floss & Limit Chewing Gum

Flossing and chewing sugar free gum can increase your teeth-whitening journey! “Chewing gum containing the sweetener xylitol, which has been found in tests to reduce tooth decay,” said Christina Chatfield, an independent dental hygienist based in Brighton. Sugarless gum increases salvia that prevents tooth decay and flossing between your teeth reduces the amount of plaque build up. Plaque build up leads to cavities, tooth decay and potential gum disease if not treated. Take the time to floss your teeth and reap the benefits of a healthy mouth and smile!

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It’s never too late to get a fabulous smile, besides it is the one accessory you never leave home without. The CGS Team would love to hear your teeth-whitening journey. Leave a comment with any tips that you have when it comes to getting a bright smile!

-The CGS Team



4 thoughts on “6 Tips for a Gorgeous Smile!”

  1. Those whitening products work! I need to start doing those again! My teeth are not on point since I’ve been drinking coffee! But I’m switching to green tea, so hopefully that makes things a little better!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I am addicted to coffee! I am starting to see the staining on my teeth. I have read great things about the Crest Whitening Strips (awesome for sensitive teeth), and will definitely be giving a try asap!

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