Anti-Aging Tricks to Start Today

One thing that’s inevitable? We are all getting older. Time cannot be stopped, and that means aging is happening every day. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start taking the necessary steps to prevent the signs of aging. The CGS Team is sharing a few anti-aging tricks to slow the aging process. The sooner you start these tricks, the more effective they will be as you age. Taking care of your body and skin by exercising, wearing sunscreen, eating right, and limiting smoking are all a given. The following anti-aging tricks may not be as easily thought of.

Anti-aging tips and tricks!

Give Your Hair Some Oomph

Other than your face and body, hair is the next indication of age. Thinning hair, gray color, and bald spots are all signs of aging. While gray color is often hereditary, taking care of your hair now can help you avoid thinning. Make sure that you scrub your scalp when you wash.

Clearing away dirt and oil will allow the follicles work properly. If you already notice thinning or bald spots, ask your doctor. You may have low estrogen levels that need to be brought back to normal. Got thinning hair? Read 4 Ways to Get Instant Volume for some quick tricks!

Stimulate Your Mind

Alzheimer’s is a saddening disease and can form as you age. The best way to prevent this age-inducing disease is to keep your mind stimulated. You may be well out of college, but never stop learning! Read the newspaper or a new book every month. Learn a new language. Challenging your memory and allowing your brain to think creatively can have lasting effects as you get older.

Brighten Your Smile

Take good care of your teeth now. Go see your dentist twice a year and always remember to floss! If you fail to take care of your teeth when you’re young, you will wind up with none when you get older. If the nerves in your teeth die, your teeth turn discolored and eventually need to be removed.

Brush twice a day and floss once a day. Flossing also prevents heart disease. A toothbrush can’t reach the spots in between your teeth, so that’s where flossing comes in handy. Check out the article 6 Tips for a Gorgeous Smile for more tips for your teeth!

Kick Some Habits

Touching your eyes, squinting, sipping through straws, and resting your chin on your hand are all bad habits if you want to slow the aging process. The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and when touched, pulled, or rubbed too often, wrinkles form sooner than they should.

The same happens when you squint repeatedly. Ever notice wrinkles around the mouth? They are typically vertical above the lip? These are often formed by continuous sipping through straws. Lastly, resting your chin on your hand actually stretches the skin around your chin. Stretched skin typically hangs and is much more susceptible to wrinkling.

Lotion Up

Always keep your body moisturized, especially your hands, neck and chest. These areas are often over-exposed to the sun and neglected. When you are applying moisturizer on your face, make sure you apply it on your neck and chest as well. Keeping your skin soft and firm will help prevent future sagging, wrinkling, and loss of elasticity.

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None of the trick listed above require extra effort or time, that’s the beauty of them. Getting into the habit of taking care of your skin early will make it that much easier to fight the signs of aging. Be mindful of your actions. Your body is your temple and should be treated with respect. Be good to it and it will be good to you! What steps do you take to keep your skin, body and mind healthy? Do you have any anti-aging trips to share? We would love to hear what works for you! Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

-The CGS Team



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