4 Ways to Get Instant Volume

Does feel like your hair falls flat immediately after it’s done? You are not alone! Many women rank more volume as one of the most sought after hair requests. Not too worry ladies! You don’t have to hit the salon to achieve continuous volume. The CGS Team is sharing 4 simple ways to get instant volume with your hair, without anything crazy!

4 ways to get instant volume for your hair!

Get Layers

Opting for a more dramatic appeal with amplified volume? Trying layering your hair the next time you see your stylist. The beauty of layers is that you don’t have to go extreme. You can add slight layers and still keep your length. No choppy cuts required! Adding layers to any length of hair will instantly give your mane fuller look.

Depending on the thickness of your normal hair, it’s important to be selective when requesting your layers. If you have fine hair, request soft layers in the front. If your hair is naturally thick, request uneven layers throughout your hair.

Tease the Roots

Teasing your roots is extremely simple. Watch some old Jersey Shore episodes and see Snooki’s bump as the ultimate tease! The same old school trick from the 80’s still applies to teasing your roots today! Simply take a comb or brush and start in the center of the top of your head.

Taking your hair by the root, tease it by brushing it up and down. A rule of thumb when teasing your roots is to grab your hair in sections to evenly distribute fullness throughout your head. This gives your hair the illusion of being fuller overall.

Check Your Shampoo

The products used in your hair care routine are very important in contributing to volume! If you aren’t using a shampoo designed to add volume, then switch to one immediately. Shampoos that aren’t used for your hair type can strip the natural oils you produce and leave your hair flat and dry.

If you are switching out products, remember to give it some time before expecting results. We recommend allowing 3 weeks of use before moving on to another shampoo.

Switch Your Part

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring the biggest changes. A simple switch up on how you part your hair can go a long way. If you typically wear your hair with a middle part, moving the part to the left or right side can make a huge difference. If you part your hair on a particular side, switch it to the opposite side and go for a deep part. We guarantee you will be surprised at how much fuller your hair looks.

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Full, voluminous hair is right around the corner! Play around with different products and see what provides the best results. What do you do to achieve fuller hair? Are there any products that you love for creating volume? We would love to hear what works for our members! Share your favorite products and volumizing tips with the community by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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