6 Things to Avoid Doing at Work

Everyone understands what they should be doing at work but no one talks about what not to do. From having too much down time to taking personal calls while at work, there are things employees should always avoid doing once they’ve clocked in. The CGS Team shares 6 things to avoid doing at work, and keep your reputation in tip-top shape.

Things to avoid doing at work…

Sleeping on the Job

This one should be a given! Sleeping on the job is unacceptable and can give the impression that you don’t take your job seriously. Employers don’t appreciate their employees using company time to rest. It’s vital to get enough rest the night before, so when you do clock in, you’re alert and ready to go.

Roughly 6-8 hours is enough sleep for your body to feel well rested. Sleeping on the job can also be seen as a form of disrespect and an act of laziness to the company you’re working for. If you can’t seem to keep your eyes open, take a nap during your lunch break. Don’t forget to set your alarm!

Using Slang and Unprofessional Vocabulary

The choice of words you use when talking to coworkers as opposed to friends should definitely be more professional and free of slang. Be mindful of this and make sure that you’re using the right language to convey your message. While your coworkers may seem like your friends, you never know who is listening or if they will repeat what you say. 

The proper etiquette when having work conversation is using professional lingo. Instead of saying “what’s up” simply say, “hello, how are you”. Using slang in your vocabulary while on the job can make you appear immature and ill qualified. You always want to be taken seriously at work, so be mindful of how you speak in the office.

Arriving Late

Arriving a few minutes early to your job shows professionalism. Arriving late to work is a major no-no! Once you’re hired you’re given a set time to start your shift, and you should always abide by it no matter how relaxed your work environment is. Each employee contributes to the company; therefore every working body is needed at its designated clock-in time.

When you arrive late to work, you’re not only affecting your work, you’re affecting the work of your company. Depending on the company you work for, arriving late can lead to termination, so be aware of traffic and other delays that may cause you to be tardy for work. After all, being on time will definitely leave a good impression on your manager and colleagues. If your wardrobe is what’s delaying you, check out the article Simple Style Tips to Always Arrive on Time.

Eating Greasy on the Job

Employers offer a lunch break and one or two 10-15 minute breaks to their employees throughout their shift. This time should be used for eating and snacking. Eating greasy food at your desk leaves crumbs and stains that can ruin important documents and even spill on the computer. Chips and other greasy items are prime examples of foods that are no-nos for the desk.

If your position requires you to answer phones regularly, then it’s not the best idea to have a full mouth of food. Plus, if you aren’t getting much physical activity, eating unhealthy foods can do more harm than good. Check out the article 5 Healthy Snacks for the Office for healthy, snackable foods.

Dressing Inappropriate

There is a proper dress code when working for certain companies. If you work in retail, it’s more appropriate to wear clothing that resembles that clothing store. If you work in customer service, it’s important to dress business casual because you are a reflection of your company. If you work in a more corporate environment, you must dress accordingly.

As a woman working in a field full of corporate leaders, it’s important for people to focus on your work ethic and not your work attire. Read 5 Pieces to Avoid Wearing to Work and Nailing Your Work Wardrobe for fashion tips for the office.

Texting At Your Desk

Texting in our generation is more common than talking on the phone. Getting caught texting while on the job can lead to disciplinary actions, especially if there are rules against personal phone use. If it’s important, step away from your work space and respond, but having a full on text conversation is inappropriate. It could leave a bad taste in your manager and colleagues’ mouths if you are constantly on your phone. You want to make sure to hold yourself to the highest standard while on the job, so put your phone down and focus!

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These six things can easily be avoided if you take the proper protocol and focus on the job. Have you found yourself doing any of these things? If you have any tips, please share with us on how to stay focused, leave a comment below so that we can chat!

-The CGS Team



3 thoughts on “6 Things to Avoid Doing at Work”

  1. This is a good article. I see more and more of these mistakes made at work daily and as a manager it is definitely frowned upon for one of my associates to do any of the actions listed above. Most of the above listed actions are grounds for immediate termination.

  2. In my office the only thing on this list that is considered inappropriate is dressing badly. I have a co-work in my office that wears tops that are way too revealing! She’s gotten a lot better about it since other agents in our office have told her to cover up at work.

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