5 Pieces to Avoid Wearing to Work

While dress codes have declined significantly, there’s still a few general rules every woman should follow when it comes to dressing for the workplace. Regardless of how casual your office may be, you should always dress for the job you want. Even if you stand out more than your co-workers, take pride in that. Take pride in what you wear, as it speaks volumes about you. While we’ve shared what you should wear to work in articles like Nailing Your Work Wardrobe and Perfecting Your First-Day-of-Work Look, now we’re sharing what you should avoid wearing to work, regardless of the lack of dress code policy!

Linen Pants

What’s so bad about linen? Well it’s quite deceptive. The tame lighting in your house makes linen seem like it provides full coverage, however when you enter the harsh lighting of an office you are left with sheer madness. Play it safe and keep the linen for outside of work.

Extremely High Heels

There’s nothing wrong with wearing heels to the office, but when you’re approaching the 5-6 inch heel mark, you are treading a thin line. Extremely high heels are fun, but should be reserved for events. Unless you’ve been told to pair high heels with your outfit, keep the height to a professional level.

Sheer Anything

Sheer blouses, even with a top underneath, do not shout “professional”! While all of the important parts may be covered up, the illusion of showing some skin is still there. You want someone to look at you and think you look work-appropriate without question. Sheer pieces don’t do that.

Bodycon Dresses

This may be a given, but we’re saying it anyways. There’s nothing wrong with flaunting those curves, loving your body, and being confident in a nice-fitting dress, just don’t do it at the workplace.

Fully Opened-Toe Shoes

Flip-flops, minimally-strapped sandals, and other shoes that show more than 30% of your feet should be avoided at work. Lack of coverage in the foot area doesn’t make people think of being at work. Given that you are at work, you don’t want to look like you aren’t. Unless of course, you work at the beach!


Dressing for the workplace can be a fun task, you just have to follow a few more rules than a regular outing. What type of dress code does your workplace have? Is your employer strict about what employees can and cannot wear? We want to hear your workplace dress code experiences! Leave a comment below to share.

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4 thoughts on “5 Pieces to Avoid Wearing to Work”

  1. I would say if you ever have any doubts, than don’t wear it! You don’t want people to have a negative perception of you and you don’t want people to treat you differently because your dress attire has allowed them to define who you are. Stay professional, and like the article said, Dress for the job you want!

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