Simple Style Tips to Always Arrive On Time

We’ve all been in a fashion hurry. Whether it’s picking an outfit for a last minute engagement, running late for work, or prepping for an after-work event, when you are rushing your style choices, they don’t always turn out as good as they should. Simple style tips can make the difference!

With a few simple style habits, you can rush out the door, look like you spent all afternoon getting ready, and still arrive on time! The CGS Team is sharing what you can do to ensure your schedule is always kept and your fashion is always polished.

Pick Your Outfit Early

No-brainer, right? While it seems simple enough, not many women do it. If you know you have an important day at work, a client meeting, or a party to attend, plan your outfit early. Do you need to buy something for the event? If so, give yourself time to look. When you are in a rush to find something, you never can. The universe is funny that way.

Giving yourself ample time to find an outfit will ensure a stress-free getting-ready process. If you don’t need to buy anything, then plan your outfit the night before. Try it on, just to make sure it looks how it should. Some things always look better in our minds before we try it on.

Full Steam Ahead

There is nothing worse than not being able to wear an outfit because of wrinkles. You may have planned your outfit in your head and forgotten to actually look at it. Pull your outfit out the night before and examine for wrinkles. Break out your iron or steamer and take care of it right then and there.

The last thing you want to worry about in the morning is waiting for the iron to heat up and actually ironing. Make it easier on yourself by taking care of it the night before.

Double-Bag It

If your event is after work, then your day tote does not need to join. Pack a cute clutch in your bag for the day and pull it out at the time of the event. Can you imagine lugging around a tote at a dinner party?

If you forgot a backup, you may decide to forgo a purse period. Having just your phone as an accessory is not very stylish, regardless of the Michael Kors case. Bring a spare clutch with you for the day and easily transfer what you need. This beats stressing about the other alternatives!

Shoe Blues

When you know that your day is going to be hectic, why spend it in heels? Bring a pair of flats to switch into when you are on the go. Wear your heels to work, switch to flats to run around before your event and then switch right back to the heels.

Your feet will thank you and you will be able to get where you need to go much faster without the heels. Keep the spare pair in your bag that stays with you throughout the day, so you can avoid an extra trip to the car just to switch.

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Not only do these tips help you look fashionable and be on schedule, but they make your life easier. Stress is not an accessory that any woman should have to wear! Do yourself a favor and plan your fashion ahead of time. What do you do when you are in a fashion hurry? What is your next-day outfit routine? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear what the CGS community has to say!

-The CGS Team



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