5 Healthy Snacks for the Office

We’ve talked about foods that kill your metabolism, foods that help promote a flat tummy, and how to stay healthy in the workplace, but what about snacks that kill the hunger craving in a healthy way? There are plenty of healthy snacks for the office. When we’re at work, we may be working so hard we ignore our hunger, only to binge eat something that kills the diet – and that’s never good!

Instead of avoiding eating or overeating, opt for the 5 snacks below. We’re sharing 5 snacks that are portable, healthy and 100% safe to eat in the workplace. These snacks will keep your energy going without the worry of preparation!

Organic Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is high in fiber, helps curb hunger cravings and is relatively low in calories. Dried fruit is also full of flavor, packed with nutrients and contains very little fat. Get yourself a variety pack of organic dried fruit snacks. We like Made in Nature’s Organic Dried Fruit Snack packs because it comes with a variety of fruits and flavors, like Super Berry Fusion and Apple Cinnamon Fusion, is only 100 calories per pack and is all-natural.

Turkey Jerky

If you crave salt, then turkey jerky is the perfect office snack! Just a 1 oz pack of gluten free Perky Jerky’s turkey jerky comes with only 60-80 calories and is jam-packed full with protein. We love this brand because they have a variety of flavors, including Tasty Teriyaki, Sweet and Snappy, and Jammin’ Jamaican. Your stomach and taste buds will feel very satisfied!

String Cheese

Take it back to playground days and get yourself some organic string cheese! String cheese packs like those provided by Horizon Organic are the perfect-sized snacks to curb hunger. Like most dairy products, string cheese is filled with calcium and protein. These snacks do need to be refrigerated, so if there’s not a fridge handy at work, keep them for snacks on the weekend or in between meals at home.

Pre-Packed Nuts

Nuts, like almonds, cashews, and pistachios are great for a healthy heart and a full stomach. Nuts are loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals that leave you full of energy. We can’t get enough of the Planter’s Nut-rition nut snack packs. They have a variety of flavors, including Women’s Health Mix, Energy Mix, Digestive Health Mix, Protein Mix and more. They are pre-packaged to be the perfect amount of nuts to get you through to your next meal.


Not movie theater popcorn loaded with butter (unfortunately), but Skinny Pop Popcorn comes in 100 calorie packs that are filled with fiber and whole grains. Skinny Pop Popcorn is a great snack to feel like you aren’t depriving yourself of taste! If you need to be on a diet without feeling like you’re on a diet, healthy popcorn packs are a great option!


Eating healthy at work doesn’t have to be a drag! There are a variety of healthy, convenient options to be had. What are you go-to office healthy office snacks? Have you tried any of the snacks listed above? If so, what did you think? Share your healthy snack choices and feedback by leaving a comment below!

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