12 Things Every Makeup Newbie Needs

12 Things Every Makeup Newbie Needs

There are two types of people in the world: people who love a lot of makeup and people who don’t! Regardless, most of the time the two groups of people can agree makeup is fun to have! Whether it’s mascara or lipstick, makeup can bring out a woman’s inner creativity. The face is the canvas and makeup is their tool!

I’ve put together a list of 12 items every makeup newbie needs to have in order to fulfill her inner goddess makeup hunger. If you’re new to the makeup game, make sure you start with these 12 things!


For all of you that are just now getting into makeup, it’s important to know moisturizing your skin is vital to achieving a flawless glow.  Always keep in mind that taking care of your natural skin is a necessity. Moisturizing your skin helps provide a good base for your skin (aka canvas). Applying makeup to dry skin will only give you’re look a parched finish. Use a moisturizer you know works for your skin type and doesn’t leave an oily feel.


Foundation is a key component every makeup newbie should own. More importantly, they should get matched for the color that best pairs with their skin tome. I think everyone who first started off wearing makeup can contest they have had horror stories of being miss-matched.

Of course, their closest girlfriends didn’t break the news to them. It wasn’t until many years later and taking a stroll down memory lane they noticed in pictures their neck was a completely different color than their face.

I recommend taking someone with you when getting matched, or leverage the beauty consultants, because foundation is the key and having a second opinion matters. Check out the tutorial How to Properly Apply Foundation for application tips!


It doesn’t matter what type of look you are trying to achieve, concealer is a must. The purpose for concealer is to give you that ultimate flawless look. No one in the world has perfect skin, but after applying concealer you sure can pass it off like you do. Concealer is similar to foundation, except you apply it over blemishes. You can also apply it under your eyes to get rid of any dark circles and certain areas around your face to let your natural features shine.

Beauty Blender

One of the best make-up inventions is the make-up sponge, or “beauty blender”! Makeup can be applied evenly, smoothly, and basically flawlessly thanks to these mini-sponges.  At first the $20 beauty blender dominated the makeup sponge market, but now there are a variety of make-up sponge options for women with all budgets. Read 4 Budget-Friendly Makeup Sponges for a few options.

Brow Powder

Many women strive to achieve perfect brows, but as one makeup artist once mentioned there is no such thing as identical brows. Brows are like sisters; they look the same but are totally different. It’s up to us to work our magic and apply brow powder to fill in the areas that need it.

Brow powder can be universal; it can be used just for filling in your brows or as an eye shadow to get you a natural smoky eye. This makeup item is used amongst the top makeup artists who love a full face, and for the naturals who don’t like too much beat.


If you are just getting into makeup it’s important to have makeup brushes. How else would you apply makeup? Although some prefer using their hands to give it a more natural look, using a brush will blend the makeup making it look smooth and not cakey.

There are varieties of brushes you can purchase for use.  Brushes for eye shadow, foundation, blush, and brows! I recommend purchasing a set of brushes at one time so you avoid forgetting one. Read Understanding Your Make-up Brushes to get an overview of what each brush is used for.


We say proceed with caution! Eyeliner is the best makeup item since the Cleopatra days, but we admit it’s tough to apply in the beginning.  Practice, practice, practice and before you know it you’ll be a professional in no time. Eyeliner comes in two forms, there is liquid and there is pencil. Starting off we would recommend using pencil eyeliner and eventually work your way to liquid.


No woman has never complained of having long, full lashes. Purchasing the right mascara is like finding the perfect little black dress. Once you find it, you’ll keep it forever. Finding the right mascara can lengthen your lashes, make your eyes look bigger, and enhance your eye shape. Mascara can be fun and easy to apply! It comes in different colors with black and brown being its most popular.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadows can be fun and a little bit scary all in one. Similar to foundation, it’s important to be mindful when applying. The worst is applying a color that doesn’t do you justice and people think you’ve ran away from the circus. Nowadays you don’t have to buy shadows individually; you can now purchase palettes of your favorite colors all in one. In many cases the palettes even show you how to apply to achieve a certain look.


Lipstick is fun! Anyone who disagrees hasn’t found the right method to applying it. Similar to a box of crayons, lipstick comes in a bunch of colors! Bright, dark, or even a natural color, lipstick shades do not discriminate. Finding your go-to lipstick shade can seem intimidating, but with a little experimenting you soon will find a color match made perfectly for you.

Also, when choosing your lipstick, be sure to have the perfect lip pencil to go along with it! Nothing makes a lip pop like your handy dandy lip liner! A killer red lip never disappoints, ladies!


There are a variety of different blushes in the makeup world. There are the bright red cheeks that make you appear like you’re really blushing, and then on the other end of the spectrum, you have your deeper blushes which help define your cheek bones.

Depending on the look you want, simply try the different blushes on against your skin tone and I’m sure you’ll find a match. Blush can be fun! Apply a little or apply a lot to make your cheeks really pop. Play around in it and whatever is your preference it will look beautifully on you.

Makeup Remover

You can’t forget makeup remover! How else would you be able to play around in your makeup if you weren’t able to take it off appropriately? Choosing the right remover is very important! Some people have sensitive skin and require certain ingredients to avoid breakouts. Makeup remover helps keep your pores from clogging and dirt from seeping into your skin. Any newbie stepping into the world of makeup should have this item first on their list.

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Sure, looking at the list it may seem long, but trust us when we say these are just the essentials for any makeup newbie. Ask a professional, a little can go a long way but why not have it all to get the glam you want?! When you first started out on your makeup journey, what were the go-to items you purchased? Share your tips and makeup must-haves by posting a comment below!

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