5 Budget-Friendly Makeup Brands

5 Budget-Friendly Makeup Brands

It seems like every day, a new makeup brand launches!

From our favorite celebrities (who just happen to love wearing makeup), to elaborate brand collaborations, to popular beauty influencers…it seems like EVERYONE is entering the makeup arena!

This means there’s more competition for our hard-earned money and more temptation at Sephora, Ulta, Target, Amazon…and our CGS budgets!

Never fear: while there are many makeup brands to choose from, there is also a plethora of amazing, high-quality, affordable makeup brands! You can absolutely create a “beat face” using products that don’t break the bank or our CGS budgets!

As a self-proclaimed makeup junkie and freelance makeup artist, please enjoy this list of luxurious yet affordable makeup brands.

Colourpop Cosmetics

An Instagram favorite, and for good reason! Established in 2014, Colourpop Cosmetics prides themselves on “being wallet friendly and bunny approved”.

They’re known as the “end-all-be-all” for dupes for more expensive makeup brands.

If you have an Instagram account and you’re into makeup, I guarantee you’ve heard of Colourpop. You’ve likely seen a product, ad, or makeup influencer talk about this budget-friendly brand.

Colourpop has a huge inventory and often launches new products. The beauty word stops and takes notice!

They take a lot of their inspiration for new products from social media and beauty trends, which keeps them relevant and exciting.

Colourpop is known for their elaborate collaborations. They work with celebrities and beauty influencers, as well as huge brands like Disney, Sailor Moon, and Match.com!

Of course, the selling point is the price: most of their products cost between $5 and $20 (some eyeshadow palettes are $30+, but they’re outliers). The best part? You still get high quality!

You don’t have to look any further than Colourpop Cosmetics for a full face of makeup since they have all the essentials.

They offer foundation, concealer, eyeshadows, blush, highlighters, false lashes, powders, body makeup, and their famous lip products!

Colourpop even has their own skincare brand, Fourth Ray Beauty, and you can find select Colourpop products at Ulta Beauty!

MORPHE Cosmetics (also known as Morphe Brushes)

Another social media favorite, MORPHE Cosmetics is a popular, affordable makeup brand. Beauty influencers love to promote it (with discount codes) and collaborations!

Established in 2008 in Los Angeles, MORPHE actually started out selling affordable makeup brushes for professional makeup artists!

Eventually, with the explosion of social media and beauty influencers, MORPHE took the beauty world by storm with their famous eyeshadow palettes and collaborations (affiliate link)!

Their eyeshadows palettes have 20-39 eyeshadow colors, and are a huge steal at their price point! You definitely get your money’s worth with MORPHE.

Like Colourpop, MORPHE is also known for interesting, fun, and quirky collaborations with brands. They’ve worked with Lisa Frank (one of my favs), Coca-Cola, and Sour Patch Kids!

MORPHE is becoming a great one-shop stop for all makeup essentials, including their new foundation, tools, and legendary eyeshadow palettes!

You can also find select MORPHE products at Ulta Beauty AND Sephora!

NYX Professional Cosmetics

A brand near and dear to my heart, NYX Professional Cosmetics (pronounced “nicks”), was established in 1999. NYX was the first makeup I bought with my own allowance money as a middle-schooler!

This is the brand in every drugstore and beauty supply. You can plan on buying only a single NYX product, but you’ll almost always end up buying at least five!

NYX is that go-to brand to use when you are a beginner or just started experimenting with makeup, due to the affordability of their products!

Since their price point ranges from $4-$17, you can achieve a full face for under $50. Their Butter Glosses are some of the best in the game, for only $5 each! If you do not have access to an Ulta or Sephora, you’ll find everything you need for a flawless makeup look from NYX at your local drugstores.

Even though they may not have the same level of social media notoriety like Colourpop and MORPHE, NYX continues to prove their staying power.

NYX is now collaborating with beauty influencers and were even the exclusive cosmetics sponsorship of the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival!

Black Radiance

Well-respected in the makeup industry for over two decades, and way before Rihanna dropped Fenty Beauty, you can’t miss Black Radiance.

Black Radiance is unfortunately one of the few luxurious and affordable makeup brands that cater specifically to people of color, offering foundation shades darker than tan!

Black Radiance has multiple products made especially for rich, deep skin tones.

With products under $10, Black Radiance offers a ray of products, including their award-winning foundation sticks and contour/highlight palettes that will not break your budgets!

Black Radiance is also known for beautiful lipsticks that pop on melanated skin!


Another walk down memory lane for us long-time beauty enthusiasts is e.l.f. Cosmetics!

Created in 2004, e.l.f. (short for EyesLipsFace) is another brand that a lot of people grab when they a dupe for a more expensive makeup brand.

e.l.f is literally everywhere where makeup is sold! This is another go-to brand for when you are just beginning experimenting with makeup—and a good brand for teens.

e.l.f may be the most affordable on this list, but their products have been compared to the likes of NARS and other higher-end makeup brands.

They even have their own award-winning skincare line, and like the makeup, there are no products that are over the $20 price point!

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Have you tried any of these affordable makeup brands? What is your favorite budget-friendly makeup brand? Let us know in a comment below!

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