How to Get Yourself Out of a Slump without Busting Your Budget

We’ve all been there. Life is “life-ing”. Our job is mundane and not fulfilling, bills come every month (they just don’t stop, do they?), parents and grandparents are aging, we work 5 days/week for 8-10 hours with only 2 days to “rest”, and the economy is still in flux from a crippling global pandemic…we just want a break from life sometimes. 

It’s very easy to slip into an emotional slump as we navigate this thing called “adulting”, and too often we’re encouraged to “treat ourselves” because we’re doing the best that we can with what we got. Which, don’t get me wrong is absolutely true…however, we want to make sure that we don’t go too crazy with treating ourselves that we go into the red financially. 

As someone who has struggled with mental health, I will be the first one to say that I would often impulsively spend money on things to make me feel better or get me out of the slump I was feeling (I was diagnosed with high-functioning depression and anxiety during the pandemic). 

As this topic is very personal for me and I want to share ways to get yourself out of a slump without busting your budget…you got this!

Practice Free Self-Care

I’m referring to my article, “5 Ways to Practice Free Self-Care”, but understand that self-care is more than just facials and bubble baths. Sometimes, we just have to listen to our bodies and do absolutely nothing but rest. In our hustle culture and “flexing for the gram” society, it can be hard to rest, but remember rest is productive too.

I’ve actually grown to love the weekends where I have absolutely no plans…because I can turn into a couch potato and watch Netflix (Korean dramas for me) all weekend. I’ve learned that self-care doesn’t have to be costly at all, and my body and mind thanks me for these weekends. Also, sleeping on the couch is free.

Call/Video Chat a Good Friend

This one has saved me a lot recently! As a content, single goddess, I’m guilty of distancing myself from my friends who are in relationships/have kids because I feel like they’re in a different phase of life. However, I had to be reminded (by them lol) that I was their friend before they were girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

I recently called up one of my besties who is married with kids, and we were able to talk for a long time and it was truly a conversation that I needed (and she needed as well). The past 3 years have been a rollercoaster for me, and she reminded me that I should be so proud of the work I’ve done and how far I’ve come. I was smiling the rest of the day.

If you have a supportive tribe that you can rely on during your times of being in a slump, realize how blessed you are, as many cannot say the same. Your true friends will usually have the right things to say to you at the right time to get you pumped. As my friend said, “remember who the f*ck you are”. 

Reconnect with Your Inner Child

This may be my favorite and biggest tip, as I’m currently working on healing my inner child. One of the biggest ways I have gotten myself out of my emotional slump was remembering and doing all the things that made me happy as a kid. 

How often do we just let our mundane, everyday life as adults take over? We often forget about the passions and interests we had as kids, or we criticize those who do “childish” things. Well, through therapy and life coaching, I realized that I needed to reconnect with Little Lena and it’s been a truly amazing journey.

For instance, last year I watched all the Harry Potter movies for the first time (I grew up in a religious household and I wasn’t allowed to watch them) and OMG I truly missed out on an amazing part of pop culture. But you know what? I was so happy that I watched them when I did, as it made me appreciate it more. I will soon start reading the books!

Speaking of books, I also got back into reading. My mother had to remind me that I used to love going to the library and reading and writing short stories (where my love of writing blogs comes from). However, as I got older and went through school…reading and writing were just things I “had to do” for school/work, so the passion left.

However, now that I’m more settled into my career in marketing and community management, I’m happy that I can read and write out of leisure (I hope you enjoy my CGS articles). I want to get a library card and read more of the books that I read while growing up (like the Anne of Green Gables series and The Baby-sitters Club series), but also just read more period!

Lastly, I am so grateful for streaming services because I can indulge in movies and TV series as well! I just rewatched the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series (RIP to Jason David Frank) on Netflix and I’m watching all Studio Ghibli movies on HBO Max (shout out to my anime fans)! I will also incorporate Harry Potter movies into my holiday traditions as well.

What I’ve noticed is that reconnecting with Little Lena inspired me and has truly gotten me out of my darkest days. Little Lena is not judgmental, isn’t going to betray me, and doesn’t have money HAHA!

Getting your finances in order while on your self-love journey is how you take steps into reaching financial freedom!

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I hope this article inspired you to think outside the box in how you “treat yourself” during a time in society where things can be rough. Remember to take care of yourselves the best way you know how, and we here at City Girl Savings are rooting for you!

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