#38: Money and Mental Health: A Real Conversation with Lisa

Let me start by saying that mental health is a serious matter and it’s an incredibly hard topic to talk about. There is a direct correlation between money and mental health. If you’ve been diagnosed (or not) with mental health disorders, you may find that you’re sporadic and impulsive with your spending. You may beat yourself up for your money behaviors, not recognizing that there’s SO much more to it. In this podcast episode, I’m talking with Lisa (who has wished to keep her identity private) about the real struggle when it comes to money and mental health. Lisa has been diagnosed with multiple disorders and talks about the impacts it has had to her money, budget, career and more. If you struggle with mental health, you’re not alone…please know there are resources (like City Girl Savings) to help! Dealing with mental health issues is hard enough, but the added layer of money can make it nearly impossible. Let’s have the tough conversations, so we can start to collectively work to change.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [02:00] Lisa shares her background, along with the fact that she has suffered with mental health issues for her entire life – which has affected her finances.
  • [06:39] ADHD has caused Lisa a lot of problems throughout her career but she only recently learned of this diagnosis.
  • [12:00] Working with a money coach (Raya, as it turns out) was the best money education Lisa has ever received.
  • [23:39] Lisa shares how she made the bold decision to ask her job how she can step back and take some time to deal with her mental health issues.
  • [28:28] Having compassion as an individual can be extremely welcomed when looking to help someone with mental health issues.
  • [34:00] If you struggle with mental health, Lisa shares some ideas on how you can ask for help and get the support you need.
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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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