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Blogger Sazan Hendrix knows how to rock a power suit! You may be asking yourself what is a power suit exactly. Well, a power suit is simply an outfit or suit that can be worn to show off your sense of self-confidence and authority. Finding an outfit or suit to do that isn’t as hard as you may think. Any outfit can become a power suit if you wear the clothes in a work setting that compliment your body type well and help you feel confident. The CGS team has come up with a few tips to help you find your go-to power suit.

To Show or Not to Show

Usually a power suit is conservative and form fitting. Try going for something that doesn’t expose too much skin in the chest area. While cleavage is sexy, it’s better to leave it for happy hour only! If you like skirts better than pants, make sure that your skirt length is appropriate and not too short for office controversy. The workplace should be reserved for professionalism in every aspect.

Get a Tailor

It’s important for whatever you wear to be tailored perfectly for your body size. You don’t want to wear anything too loose or too tight because it will look sloppy. No two bodies are made identical, and embracing your body type will exude self-confidence.

Trying on an outfit will help you decide if it’s a purchase you want to make. If the length or seams are slightly off, don’t be afraid to take it to a tailor. A tailor can help your suit fit you perfectly, and they are not too expensive at all. Don’t believe us? Check out 4 Fashion Problems a Tailor Can Solve.

Color Coordinating

Color coordinating is an absolute must when putting your power suit together. Don’t get too crazy! Going for solid colors or subtle stripes are the best choice when trying to coordinate your colors because this makes it easier to accessorize with belts, shoes, and jewelry. Most likely your suit will be black, grey or pinstripe, so pair it with colors that complement the suit and your skin tone! Here are some great color combos to try.

Where to Buy

So now that you know what a power suit is and what it should do for you, you need to know where to get one! Express, The Limited, New York & Company, Macy’s and many other stores offer suits and professional work attire for ladies of every size and age. Check out the CGS article Corporate Wear for Less to get an idea of some stores that may suit your professional clothing needs at a great price!


There you have it City Girls! You want to dress for success, so your power suit should be something that represents you through your unique style. Let this be your go-to outfit for any professional or work occasion. Remember, first impressions are everything, especially at work.

If you feel beautiful in something, chances are that the outfit can be called your power suit. Is there a particular place that you like to shop for classy form fitting ensembles? We would love to hear from you. Comment below and lets chat!

-The CGS Team



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