Earn Money Fast: 15 Ideas to Earn a Quick Buck

We’ve said it a million times. You can only cut back your expenses so much, but the amount of income you can earn is unlimited. If you have mastered budget cutbacks and aren’t overspending in any area, it may be time to increase your income. Bringing in more money doesn’t mean you need a second job, although that would help.

There are plenty of ways for you to bring in a quick buck! Once you have more money, you can use it to save more or pay off your debts. The CGS Team is sharing 15 ideas for you to earn a quick buck and start making more financial progress!

Ideas to Earn Money Fast

1) Host a Garage Sale

People are always out looking for a good deal. Hosting a garage sale to get rid of old things you no longer want or need is a great way to bring in some cash. The key to a successful garage sale is promotion. Be sure to spread the word about your garage sale on Craigslist, Facebook’s Local Marketplace, and flyers around the neighborhood. If you live in an apartment complex, see if your management office will let you use the common area for your garage sale.

2) Become an Uber or Delivery Driver

Uber, Lyft and plenty of other driving services are always looking for new drivers. If you have your own car, this could be a great way to consistently bring in more money. You can set your own hours, so you control how much you make and when you work.  Uber Eats is also a great way to deliver food to and from places, especially if you don’t want to drive people around.

3) Start a Blog

If you have a strong social media presence, a blog would be a great way to make extra money. You can master affiliate marketing and as your audience grows, your income grows. Check out 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog for more information on how a blog can make you money.

4) Personal Crowdfunding

We love this suggestion from Ruth of Living Well, Spending Less: “If you have an emergency (and a strong social media network), gofundme.com can lend a helping hand. Personal crowdfunding can seem, well, tacky for posts of “help my family go to Disneyland for the fifth time,” but for medical bills, pet and household emergencies, or projects for a greater good, they can be very successful. Friends are often willing to help out and it’s literally just a matter of asking.”

5) Get on Fiverr

Fiverr is quickly becoming the top place to sell small gig services online. You can offer services in almost any area. Freelance writing, consulting, social media posting, and voiceovers are just a few of the services that are sought after on Fiverr. The default price is $5, but if you are quick in a particular area, that can add up quick!

6) Become an Extra

Want to see what it’s like to be in a movie or TV show? Become an extra! Productions are always looking for background people and the pay isn’t bad. It may be long hours, but $50-$100 a day with food provided is worth it. Some states are busier than others with filming, but that doesn’t mean there’s no production in your area. Backstage is a great resource for finding gigs for extras in any area.

7) Start Making YouTube Videos

Are you good at a particular subject? Do you make your own crafts? If you excel or have interest in a particular area, you can start making YouTube videos about it. The YouTube Partner Program recently launched and allows individuals to make money for uploading videos! Individuals receive a percentage of the advertising income revenue collected per 1,000 views.

8 ) Rent out a Room

Have an extra room? Use AirBnB to make some money by renting it out! If you are going to be away for the weekend, or you have a second home, this is a great way to bring in hundreds – even thousands – of dollars.  You can charge more for high-demand times in your city. For example, South by Southwest in Austin always brings an influx of people looking for accommodations.

9) Become a Temp

Temporary or seasonal work is a common way for people to bring in more money. Retail stores are always looking for seasonal employees during the holidays. Lawn and garden shops hire people in the spring and summer time. Temp agencies are also a great place to find work for a few weeks or months, without the long-term commitment.

10) Excel as a Virtual Assistant

If you are organized and have strong computer and communication skills, you can make a lot of money as a virtual assistant. Small business owners and larger companies hire virtual assistants to perform small tasks virtually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, virtual assistants can make up to $100 per hour, although $25 per hour is a more typical starting point. Try Zirtual or VirtualAssistants.com as a starting point.

11) Sell Your Photos Online

Cell phone cameras are wonderful now, so why not make money for taking great pictures?! If you take awesome photos, you can sell them on sites like ShutterstockPhotoshelterFotoliaDreamsTime and/or iStock.

12) Get Cash Back

Need to buy something specific? Purchase it through eBates.com! eBates is one of many retail websites that offer cash back and discounts for purchasing products through them. This is a great way to save some money, and make a little money on something you were going to purchase anyways.

13) Teach an Online Course

If YouTube videos aren’t your thing, but you are good at a particular subject, teach an online course! You can create your own course through Teachable, or become an instructor for Udemy. As you become a more seasoned online course instructor, you can start charging more for your courses.

14) Run Errands or Complete Small Tasks

We mentioned GigWalk in the article 8 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money, but there are even more options available now. TaskRabbit.com is another great resource for getting paid to run errands or complete small tasks for busy people. You can also charge to book appointments for local companies through RedBeacon.com

15) Get Paid for Your Writing

Skyword is a great way for established writers to make a good chunk of change. When you sign up, you create a profile and add writing samples. Skyword will assign you stories based on your writing portfolio and online success. Light articles pay about $25 to $50, while more in-depth articles can pay up to $400 to $500 each.


Listed above are 15 ideas for ways you can make more money, but there are plenty of other ideas out there! What are some of the ways you have made more money? Do you do any of the money-making activities listed above? Share your ideas for making more money by leaving a comment below!

The CGS Team



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