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8 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

When your full-time job isn’t cutting it, you may be pondering easy ways to make extra money. Of course a second part-time job would be the best way to secure extra funds. We understand that a second job may be too time consuming, so we have come up with a few suggestions that won’t take up all of your time.

The beauty about these suggestions to make extra money is that you can do them as little or as often as you would like. Check out the article 5 Signs You Don’t Make Enough Money to see where you stand. Use this list to find what works for you and your situation, and you will be making some extra money in no time!

Dog Walking

Dog walking or pet sitting is a great way to make extra cash. If you have friends with pets and you know they are going out of town, offer to pet sit for a small fee. The good thing about pet sitting is that you usually only need to check on the pet and walk as necessary, allowing you to pet sit multiple pets. For dog walking, check local craigslist adds. You can also go the more professional route and join an online community of dog walkers.


Do you specialize in a certain field of study? Do you have a degree? If so, offer tutoring services to local schools or community colleges. School tutors can easily make up to $25 an hour, depending on the subject. Put flyers up at a few colleges. Post an ad online or search requests for tutors. There is a large market for tutors, so take advantage!

Selling Items

There are so many options available to you when it comes to selling items you no longer want. Try setting up an eBay store or Etsy shop. If you just need to get rid of as much as you can in a short amount of time, host a garage sale. Are you a trendy fashionista cleaning out your closet? Sell your clothes at local vintage shops or consignment stores. You can also sell your items via apps and websites. Check out the post How to Make Money When Clearing Out Your Closet for some more ideas.


One of the easiest ways to make extra cash is to housesit. Housesitting requires you to stay at someone else’s home while they are away. People who travel for work or are often out of town are willing to pay for house sitters. Check local ads in your area, as well as Craigslist. There are also websites that cater to house sitters. Visit for an online listing of potential clients.

Online Surveys

Most companies are dying for your feedback, so they hire online companies to target users into taking their surveys. So what do you get out of it? Well, as an incentive to taking these surveys, these companies offer cash or points redeemable for cash or items. Here are a few to consider:

My Survey

Inbox Dollars

Swag Bucks


Gigwalk is an app that assigns small tasks like picking up items, taking photos and other assignments in your local area. After you download the app and set up your information, you can start receiving job orders. When job orders are received, you have the option to accept the tasks and complete them. Once complete, you indicate so on the app and start racking up some cash.


If you live close to a recreation center or YMCA, consider becoming a game referee. It’s common to think that referees are simply volunteers, but most of them are actually paid for their time. Did you play sports in high school or just enjoy certain sports? This could be a great way to make extra money, get some activity, and be around a sport that you enjoy.

Sell Blood

You can make up to $30-$40 dollars for each visit to sell blood. Stop by medical centers and hospitals in your community and see what they offer. You should also confirm what their requirements are for giving up blood. You may be required to fast or avoid certain foods or drinks.


There are a lot of options when you decide you want to make extra money, especially if you aren’t afraid to do a little work. Do you have a side hustle or gig that brings in extra cash? What do you do when you need to make more money? Share your tips and feedback with the community! Leave a comment below so others can see your response.

-The CGS Team



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