5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Blogging

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, or if you recently started one, there are ways to make money from it! Blogging is great in itself because you get to talk about the things you love, but how much better would it be to bring in some cash from it? City Girl Savings has been around since 2015 and we’ve realized the income potential from this blog. We’re sharing 5 easy ways a blog can make you money, so you can get paid to write or share what you love!

#1 Selling Advertisements

Advertising income is probably the easiest place to start when monetizing your blog. Seek out potential advertisers to promote their stuff on your site, for a fee of course. In most cases, you need quite a bit of traffic before advertisers show their interest. However, Google AdSense is a great way for small blogs or online business to make advertising income. Google AdSense acts as the middle-man, linking advertiser’s content to space on your blog.

#2 Affiliate Income

One other great place to start when monetizing your blog is through affiliate links. You link a product or service on your blog that takes potential customers (your blog’s readers) to that product or service’s website. If the reader purchases the item, you get a commission. Amazon Associates, Rakuten Affiliates, and ShopStyle Collective are great when looking for affiliate income.

#3 Events and Webinars

If your blog is focused on a specific skill, you can charge for live web events and webinars. For example, if your blog is based on bettering one’s career through networking, hosting an event that shares need-to-know information could be something your readers would pay for.

#4 Products and Services

As your following and reader base grows (this takes some time), you can start putting your content together in the form of eBooks or eCourses and sell them to your readers.  You can also offer services specific to your niche.  As you build your following, brand loyalty and expertise, people will be willing to pay for what you’ve got

#5 Membership Sign-Ups

This is something that the CGS Team haven’t tried (we offer free community membership), but there are plenty of blogs and business that charge a one-time or inexpensive monthly fee for users who want to register and become a part of the community.  This is also a great option for any limited-time only programs you may have in the works.


The 5 blog money-making items above are as simple as they come! Don’t get frustrated if you aren’t seeing much activity, as your blog grows, so will your sales! What are some of the ways you make money from your blog? Have you started a blog and didn’t think of monetizing it? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below! We also answer questions too, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

-The CGS Team



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