6 Hacks to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

6 Hacks to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

We all have that favorite blouse or dress that we would do anything to keep it lasting – including not actually wearing it as much as we’d like! Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to the little details that can go a long way in keeping our favorite items looking brand new. I’m sharing 6 hacks to make your clothes last longer.

The CGS team has just the solution to help you keep your favorite garments intact and lasting longer. Modest habits such as laundry and sorting your clothes can stretch out the life of your clothes to help them last longer, but these 6 hacks can make your clothes last longer.  Bye bye overspending on clothes, hello long lasting items!

Hacks to make your clothes last longer

1.) Remove Garment Bag

Typically, when we pick our clothes up from the dry cleaners, we assume it’s a good idea to keep them in the garment bag. WRONG!!! (Do you like my emphasis?!) Keeping your clothes contained in a bag is only shortening its wearable life expectancy. Fabric needs to breathe in order for it to maintain that new look and feel. A plastic closure to fabric builds moisture which eventually leads to an order that can’t be taken out.

The longest you should consider keeping your clothes in the garment bag is no more than 72 hours, otherwise mildew and color changes to the fabric can begin to wreak havoc.

2.) Spray Perfume before/ Not After

Of course, we all want to smell our best, so we spray perfume on our clothes so the scent can last. One of the fastest ways to ruin our clothes is to spray a fragrance directly onto the fabric. Try your best to resist the urge to spritz your clothes! Instead, spray your fragrance onto your skin, preferably before you put your clothes on.

When fragrance is applied to the skin directly, the chances of it lasting longer is greater than having the fragrance sprayed onto the fabric anyways. Read How to Properly Wear Perfume for a few more tricks to applying fragrance.

3.) Sort your Clothes

Our parents have always shared the importance of sorting your clothes when doing laundry, but there’s more to sorting than we think. We are all aware of separating whites from colors, but in order to preserve your clothes longer, you should divide your clothes from light and dark colors. Also, don’t forget to wash your towels separate from your clothes.

It’s always easier to just toss everything into one load and call it a day, but keep in mind that taking that extra step will definitely help your clothes last longer. Sorting your clothes can be annoying, but at all times, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This little life hack will do wonders for your clothes’ lifespan, just wait and see!

4.) Combat Oil Stains

Sometimes, stains such as oil seem to never come out of your clothes. It can be a major headache and sometimes results to us throwing out clothes because we think they’re damaged.

Instead of tossing that cool, vintage blouse away, try applying baby powder to the stain. The baby powder helps lift the oil from the fabric material, making it easier for the stain to come out when washing Apply baby powder to the stain and let sit overnight. Then wash your blouse and out comes the stain!

5.) Stop Wrestling with Wine Stains

Cocktail hour is the best hour…until you spill some red wine on your cute white top! The horror of not being able to get the stain out and eventually having to chuck it to the dumpster is horrible.

Instead of spending tons of money to take it to the cleaners, you can merely apply some white wine to the red stain for cleaning. Strange we know, but white wine is the perfect cure for cleaning up a red wine stain on a white top. The next time you encounter the end of the world red wine stain, definitely give this hack a try.

6.) Wash Jeans Inside Out

Denim, some of the best fashion pieces ever created. They make your butt look amazing, and have you feeling sexy! Every lady has their favorite pair of jeans, so in order to preserve them, wash them inside out. Turning your jeans inside out before placing them in the washing machine will help reduce the wear on the visible surface. Washing them inside out helps keep them from deteriorated as quickly, and helps them last longer!

Remember, you shouldn’t be washing your denim too often. Read How to Properly Treat Your Denim for more tidbits.

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These simple and sometimes nontraditional habits can make your fabrics last longer than normal. Have you ever tried preserving your clothes and realized how much you appreciated it in the long haul? What tips would you like to share with the community on how you were able to make your clothes last longer? Leave a comment below to share some of your hacks!

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