4 Bad Habits That Ruin Clothes

As women, it’s in our genetic make-up to love clothes. Shopping, fashion shows, recreating looks and an abundant amount of other activities show our love of apparel. But what if you were ruining your clothes without even realizing it? Whether you spent $1000 or $10, the same rules apply when it comes to taking care of your wardrobe. The CGS Team is sharing 4 bad habits that ruin clothes. Keep your lovely clothing in tact, ladies!

Bad habits that ruin clothes…

#1 Failing to Read the Label

Have you ever put a pretty silk blouse in the wash, only to find the stitching coming out? What about shrinking your favorite pair of jeans? If you would have read the wash instructions on the label, those fashion blunders could have been avoided. When it comes to your clothes, it pays to follow the instructions.

If the directions say to wash in cold water, make sure to do a load in cold water. If the instructions say dry clean only or hand-wash, then find an affordable dry cleaner. Failing to read the label and aimlessly washing your clothes can do some serious damage.

#2 Using Cheap Hangers

When you hang your clothes up to dry, do you ever have “shoulder nipples”? You know, those annoying bulges of fabric on the shoulder portion of your top? They can be ironed out, but with the same hangers, the problem will keep coming up.

Start investing in quality hangers, like the ones with the velvet fabric. Putting your clothes on appropriate hangers will help keep the shoulder bulge away, and keep your sleeves in tip-top shape.

#3 You Wash Your Denim Too Often

Did you know that washing your jeans too often can take away their shape? Originally, denim was not supposed to be washed for the first 6 months until they were broken in. Nowadays, denim comes treated (pre-washed for faded looks) and can be washed before the 6 month time frame.

However, washing your jeans before they’ve been broken in can take away the lovely shape they give you. Also, too much washing, even after they’ve been broken in, can cause unwanted fading and an overall dull look. Only wash your jeans when they have stains or start to sag. If you want to get a clean feel without the wash, hang them in the bathroom when you shower. The steam will definitely help take away any odor. Read How to Properly Treat Your Denim for some tips.

#4 You Fail to Get Your Clothing Tailored

Ok, so this may not necessarily ruin your clothes, but it can ruin how your clothes look on you! Clothes are made for mass-production, meaning anyone can buy the items. Everyone has a different body shape and size, so trusting the XS-S-M-L sizes to fit you like a glove is unreasonable.

Getting your clothes hemmed, taken-in, or seemed can make a world of difference of how the clothes fit on you. If you found a pair of slacks you love but they are too long, take them to a tailor! She will make sure they fit perfectly. Check out 4 Fashion Problems Tailors Can Solve.

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Women invest a lot of money in clothing, so why not take care of it?! Keeping an eye out for the 4 tips above can save your clothes, and save you some money. What past habits have ruined your clothes? What tips do you have for keeping your clothes looking as new as possible? Share your tips with the community by leaving a comment below.

-The CGS Team



2 thoughts on “4 Bad Habits That Ruin Clothes”

  1. #1 is so true! I’ve ruined great tops by failing to read “dry clean only”! Also, I don’t have a tailor but will be taking advantage when I find a piece that I love but needs some adjusting!

  2. Tailoring can make such a difference in making your clothes look great. They also can take a great sale item that might be a size too big and fix it. I’ve bought several Anthropologie dresses for $20-40 that were too big or had a broken zipper and had them tailored / fixed for $20.

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