8 Clothing Hacks to Save Money

As someone who spends a lot of money on clothes from fast fashion retailers, I know how annoying it is to pull that cute top out of the dryer and it looks three sizes too small. For all of those pieces ruined by oil, pilling, or even worse pit stains, I’m going to arm you with some knowledge to get the most out of your clothes. Use these 8 clothing hacks to save money, and yet another trip to H&M.

Clean Shoes with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This is not the first thing I think of when my sneakers look like they’ve been dragged through the mud, but the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a God-send. They won’t ruin your shoes and they’ll get them almost as clean as they were when you bought them. Just wet the magic eraser with water and wipe away!

Expand Shoes with Socks and Blow Dryer

Buying shoes online can be a gamble. You read the reviews and people say they’re “true to size,” but when you try them on, after waiting a week to get them, and they squeeze the life out of your feet. So, now you’re thinking, “Great now I have to send them back.”

Don’t! Grab some thick socks…just hear me out, and your blow dryer.  Place each shoe in a sock, set your blow dryer to the highest setting and blow dry the shoes. The heat will make them expand so that they’re a bit looser and you won’t have to send them back.

Use Hairspray to Remove Stains

Small stains can be the worst! A little pen mark, a lipstick smudge and the shirt you paid $17 for is ruined. You don’t want to pay to dry clean such a small stain either. Get some hairspray and spray away that small, pesky stain. It also works on oil stains as well.

Lemons to Remove Arm Pit Stains

It’s happened to everyone and I think we all feel the same way about it. Sweat marks. Over time the white shirts we love begin to turn yellow in the arm out area. When it happens, there isn’t much to do short of bleaching the shirt and hoping that it will take the stain out.

Mix some fresh lemon juice and water, then soak the shirt while spot treating the arm pit area with some soap. The stains will slowly fade, giving your shirt some more wear.

Side Ties for an Updated Look

A great way to get some versatility out of a basic t-shirt is to tie it up. The best thing about tying the shirt is you control the length of your shirt. Gather the fabric to one side, tie it in a knot and voila you have a new shirt! Tie it higher up for a cropped look.

Dish Soap Kills Oil Stains

The best way to get dreaded oil stains out of your favorite pieces is with dish soap. Spot treat the stain then rinse and spot treat with laundry detergent before throwing in the washer. It should remove the stain, depending on how deep into the shirt the oil has soaked.

Fabric Shavers to Stop Pilling

The worst sight for me to see is my sweaters or shirts come out of the dryer with pills (aka the little balls of fabric that have fused together in the washing cycle). Surprisingly, the best way to get rid of them is with a razor. That’s right, just shave them right off! Do be careful when shaving it off, if you apply too much pressure you can rip a hole in the garment. There are fabric shavers that you can get for cheap online, to be on the safer side.

Repurpose Old or Wrong Size Items

Another great way to get the most out of your clothes without buying more is to grab some scissors and go to work! Take that old shirt and turn it into something amazing! For old denim, you can distress them or turn them into shorts. Here are a few ideas to look up How-Tos on, but you have full creative reign, so go wild!

  • Butterfly Tee
  • Triangle Back Top
  • Cut-out Shoulder Tee

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These clothing hacks have saved me a lot of money, so I have no doubt they will for you too! Show us how these hacks work for you or any other hacks you may know of by leaving a comment below!

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