How to Properly Treat Your Denim

As one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe, how many of us can say we know the right way to care for our denim? Normal wear and tear are bound to happen with any pair but that’s what gives your denim character. How you treat your denim matters!

The worst is when your jeans rip too soon and you have to let them go. I’ve got some good news, there are ways we can clean and care for our denim so we can rock them for years to come! Continue reading to see the CGS Team’s tips on properly caring for your denim!

Let’s start with washing. The best way to wash denim, is not to. Yeah, I agree it’s kind of gross but it’s true. The detergents and harsh spin cycles can wear even the best denim down. If and when you do wash them, the cycle should always be cold water and the detergent should be a very mild one, like The Laundress Classic Denim Wash.

Turn the denim inside out so that the color doesn’t bleed off as much. For minor stains in between washes, use a spot treatment method. It’s super easy, use a wet rag with some detergent and scrub the spot. With a clean part of the rag, rinse the detergent off and you’re done.

It’s best to let denim air dry. The high heat from a dryer breaks down the elasticity of the threads. If you must dry them, always set the heat setting to the lowest possible.

Anything that has rips or distressing on it, will wear down quickly. The best way to combat having to lay your cute ripped jeans to rest, is to wash and dry them on a gentle cycle setting.

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Now that you’re well equipped with the all of the knowledge, I leave you with these kind words. May your denim live long, and stay cute!

How do you keep your denim clean and looking good? What do you do to properly treat your denim? Leave a comment below to share some of your good and bad denim-washing experiences!

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