6 Hacks for Growing Stronger Nails

I don’t know about you, but me personally, I hate when my nails crack or break. Leaving me with one short nail among the rest. Every now and then, we need a little help keeping our nails strong and healthy. Worry not, I’ve got you covered with six proven ways to get your nails growing strong and beautifully! No acrylic needed.

#1 Let’s talk vitamins.

When it comes to the body nothing is achieved overnight. The right vitamins taken consistently will absolutely improve the overall appearance of your nail bed. Think of Biotin as the wonder vitamin.

Speaking as someone who takes it religiously, adding this guy into your diet will leave you with no regrets. I take the five thousand microgram capsule, which is the second highest dosage you can take, once a day. Not only does it work magic on your nails, but it also does great things for your hair and skin. Just a few weeks of taking biotin will show significant results. Check out the CGS Beauty Picks: Vitamins article for other great vitamin options.

#2 Rub Some Castor Oil

Castor oil does wonders for your hair but, did you know it can also be applied to your nails? You can rub the oil into your cuticles or add to some water in a bowl and let them soak. It’s a great way to moisturize your nails.

#3 Get Some Vitamin E Oil

Another great oil to use is vitamin E. Mix it with some water and let your nails soak. Do this about two to three times a week for the best results.

#4 Start Eating Clean

Eating the right food can also benefit your nails. Since your nails are made of proteins, it’s only right that you give your body the building blocks it needs to produce them. Eating a lot of leafy greens, eggs, nuts, and fruits that are high in vitamin C will get you results. Hop on over to the How to Get Started with Eating Clean article for some pointers on including healthy foods in your diet.

#5 File, File, File

When it comes to trimming, filing is the best option. Using a nail clipper will shatter the nail bed leaving it susceptible to splitting later on. Never file back and forth because that too, can ruin your nails. It’s always best to file in one direction and towards the center.

#6 Go Gelatin

Gelatin mixed with some water is another great soak for strengthening nails. Soak a couple times a week and your nails will be hard as diamonds in no time. Gelatin also comes in vitamin-form.

The important take away here ladies is consistency. Using these methods will give you results if you stick to them. Want more insight on building up your nail strength? Check out the article Ingredients for Stronger Nails for more tips. Good Luck All!

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