How to Get Started with Eating Clean!

Eating clean can feel like a drag. Who wants to feel like they can’t eat certain foods because they have been deemed unhealthy? We understand that it’s hard, but just give it a chance. Eating clean can have huge benefits for your body as you get older.

Not only does eating clean give you the natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are only found in certain foods, but it can help you actually feel and look better even through aging. The CGS Team has found a few ways to help you eat clean without the feeling of missing out on life’s sweet treats. It’s easier said than done when eating clean, but sticking to it will reap great rewards for your body!

Eating clean is a lifestyle for many people. Just because you begin to eat clean doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself from the other foods you like to enjoy every now and then. Moderation is key, especially if you are going to indulge in different foods. The best way to start eating clean is to incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal. Yes, this means breakfast, lunch and dinner should consist of fruits or vegetables.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and veggies are a must when it comes to proper nutrition. If you feel that fruits and vegetables lack the flavor you are used to, try pairing them with other foods as a side dish. This can help increase your appetite for eating clean because you are pairing them with a main dish. Try experimenting with different herbs and spices to add more flavor!

Cumin, basil, chili powder, and rosemary all add delicious flavor to anything it’s used with! Also consider Mixing and matching your fruits and veggies to give you options and keep eating clean fun. You may just find a new favorite! Read 5 Ways to Spruce up Your Veggies for some healthy ideas.


Ensuring that you get a good amount of protein is also a key factor in eating clean. Meats like turkey, chicken and fish have a ton of protein. Protein from clean sources can help you stay fuller longer, as well as help build muscle (when paired with working out of course). White meats are better for you than red, and fish is probably the best meat you can have. Try looking for naturally raised or organic meat when you do your grocery shopping. Frozen meat with no hormones can also be a good alternative if you need to buy in bulk.

Juices & Smoothies

If you can’t bear eating fruits and vegetables whole, try blending them! Whether you enjoy a good smoothie or juice, drinking your fruits is an easy and tasty way to eat clean. Pairing your favorite fruits and veggies together to make the ideal beverage is the best! Mixing ice with strawberry, banana and kale is one perfect fruit and veggie combination that can be made into a smoothie.

Or if you prefer to juice, categorizing fruits by their color is always a fun and creative way to eat cleaner. There aren’t rules to how you can eat clean so make it fun!

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Eating clean does not necessarily mean eating only organic foods. It means eating foods that are naturally derived or at least unprocessed. Meats, fruits, veggies, herbs, and water are all naturally derived. Incorporating clean items into your diet will leave you feeling more energized, alert and physically fit.

It’s never too late to start your journey to eating clean. Take small steps and work your way up! Experiment with different clean items to see what you like. Do you have any tips for healthy eating? We would love to hear from you, so comment below!

-The CGS Team



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  1. You know what they say. You are what you eat! Well it’s true. Just recently I have started eating clean again by incorporating smoothies and salads into my diet. Since doing so I feel more energetic throughout the day.

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