5 Tricks to Feel Fierce in Your Clothes

It’s finally time to quit hiding your perceived “flaws” and start feeling fierce. You only have one life to live so why live it worrying about what others think?! Trust me, it can be hard to be confident when your body is restricted or experiencing discomfort. However, the first rule of thumb is to start by choosing styles that you love, in colors that make you happy. Whatever your best feature is, build your wardrobe around it! Check out these five tricks to feel fierce in your clothes!

5 tricks to feel fierce in your clothes

#1 Repeating Affirmations 
There is no competition if there is no comparison. Stop comparing yourself to the next person because what is for you is only for you. Spewing a mouthful of body positivity affirmations in the mirror will do your mind and body good. Sometimes it starts with our mindset to be fierce. 

Speaking confidence and positivity into yourself is a hidden trick most people don’t know is free of charge and ACTUALLY works. Affirmations are typically powerful words said in a sentence. The focus is to repeat the affirmation for it to soak into your conscious as well as unconscious mental state. These affirmations, whatever they may be to you, are repeated until believed to help push you to reach your absolute potential. Here’s an affirmation the CGS Team loves: “I am at peace with my body and physical form.”

#2 Invest in Sets

Sets are so on trend right now and can make you feel fierce when wearing them. The look of sets is easy and effortless – you don’t have to worry about coordinating colors when everything is the same. It’s like an already built outfit that’s fierce and comfy all in one. 

Matching sets are great for lounging around or hitting weekend errands. Nothing elevates a comfy top and pants like having them be matching and in neutral colors. They come in a variety of styles; for instance, there’s the biker tights and top, leggings and top, if you are looking for a more relaxed fit then there are the wide-legged pants paired with a 1/4 zip. Sets are fierce and if you haven’t invested in one, now is the time! 

#3 Host a Fancy Dressed Up Evening In
Tired of having to order Ubers or spend most of the night looking for parking? Host your own fancy dress up evening in and bring out all the fierce. There’s no high-end restaurant required to have a glamorous night. Sometimes you just need a night in to feel sexy!

Kill two birds with one stone, invite the girls over and tell them to bring their fiercest fits. It’ll be a fancy night in with your best gal pals. Don’t worry about the food because you can order take out – the focus will be how hot you look! It might also be just the thing the doctor ordered to bring some fun and fierce int0 your life.

#4 Body Language 

Before you can even utter a word out of your mouth, your body has already expressed a detailed conversation with the room. Tone, movements, gestures, and actions are all part of the non-verbal language. If your posture is trash, I highly encourage you to fix it asap.

Having good posture is important because it conveys confidence, and it keeps your spine healthy. When you slouch you appear less assure of yourself – which certainly shouldn’t be the case. While on the other hand an upright back will make you look self-assured and ready to take on any challenges. 

#5 Fix Your Crown

Feeling fierce in your clothes is not just about your clothes! It’s the whole package – when you feel good, you look good. So even though your outfit might be bangin’, if the whole package is not in lock step, then your fierce isn’t going to hit has tough as it should.

Style your hair before going out. Add accessories to your outfit. Throw on some red lipstick. Identify the things that help you feel fierce and add them like armor! Eventually those things will give you the pep you need, every time you need it!

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Don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s important to remember that your body will experience change – and it’s totally normal. At the end of the day, it’s you who is wearing the threads and should be you who can feel fierce in your clothes!

Are there any tricks you use to help bring the fierce out?! We love hearing from members in the community so drop a comment letting us know. Keep up to date with all of City Girl Savings news and updates by following us on our various platforms such as Meta and IG @citygirlsavings. If you haven’t tuned in to the City Girl Savings podcast, we highly encourage you to! 

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