4 Tricks for Getting Discounts

When it comes to spending your money, who doesn’t want to get the best price possible? We’ve shared some of the best ways to maximize your spending when you shop, but what about getting additional discounts? You don’t have to accept the full price and succumb to the purchase. The CGS Team is sharing a few tricks for getting discounts on the things you spend your money on most.

#1 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

According to a Consumer Reports survey, 89% of hagglers were successful in their haggling endeavors at least once. That means they negotiated a lower price, and succeeded. The survey also went on to show that those who questioned health care charges or furniture prices saved an average of $300, and those who challenged their cellphone plans saved about $80.

The moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. If a charge seems questionable or if the value just isn’t quite there, ask for a lower price! The worst someone can say is no, and it doesn’t affect you any more than that. This is especially handy when you are going to buy an item regardless. Imagine if you are able to save a few extra dollars?

#2 Competitor Price Comparison

Most larger chain stores honor competitor price comparisons. This means if you see an item priced lower at a competitor store, show proof to the department store you plan to buy and they will honor the lower competitor price. This is a great way to save money on electronics or larger purchases. Keep an eye on the items you are looking to buy at multiple stores, when you find a price difference and you’re ready to purchase, make it known.

#3 Slight Damage Equals More Savings

If you come across an apparel item you love but it has a stain or slight tear, ask for a discount! Most apparel stores honor damage or stain discounts up to 20%. Make sure it’s a stain or damage that can be fixed though, as most of the discounts result in a final sale.

The same concept can apply to furniture, paintings, or other decorative pieces. If you are great at sewing, removing stains, or sprucing up dull paint, don’t let a little damage steer you away from a discounted purchase!

#4 Follow Your Favorites on Social Media

Do you have a go-to store for every purchase? Are there a select number of stores you always shop from? If so, start following them on social media! Nowadays, most companies can be found on social media and award their loyal customers with special discounts or knowledge of upcoming sales. Use this to your advantage when you need to make a purchase.

You can also subscribe to the email list of your favorite stores. Proceed with caution. If you can’t control your spending, send these newsletters to a special folder in your inbox. Refer to the folder only when you need to buy something specific.

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Some people are notorious for negotiating deals, while others prefer to take the safe route. Are you afraid to ask for a lower price? Can you share any success tips from your own discount-negotiating experiences? We would love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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