Asking for Discounts: How to Get a Deal

It’s no surprise that the retail price of most items is much higher than what the retailer paid for it. However, that means there is room for discounts to be given. We aren’t necessarily saying to negotiate the price, because the price is the price, but there are some ways to get a discount. All you have to do is ask! The CGS Team is sharing a few tips when it comes to asking for discounts, without looking like a cheapskate. There are certain purchases that may warrant a discount being given, so if you can get one, then go for it!


When it comes to larger stores, there are usually in-store sales and online sales that don’t necessarily match. Sometimes, there could be sales you don’t even know about! Before you head to the store, give their website a quick glance. This will give you an idea of what discounts you may expect to see in the store, and if the same discounts aren’t in the store, that’s one way to get them!

What to Do: When you arrive at store, approach the register and ask if the store has any discounts running that you could take advantage of. If you left your coupon at home, let them know, they should honor it anyways. What to Note: If there is an item that you have in mind that’s damaged, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Most stores will automatically give you 10% off just because of the damage.

Cable Bill

Certain bills like power, water, and gas can’t be discounted. The price is based off usage. When it comes to cable, there may be some wiggle room. Since there are many different cable providers, most companies want to keep the customers they already have. You probably got a great rate when you signed up with the company, but after your introductory year, your bill likely skyrocketed.

What to Do: Call your provider and let them know you are looking to cut expenses. Advise them that your original budget for cable was within the introductory offer and you are no longer comfortable paying above that. You can also ask if they have any new promotions going on. Let them know you are a loyal customer and don’t want switch, unless you have to.

Cell Phone Bill

Similar to cable, cell phone providers have a lot of competition. With specials like Sprint’s “cut your bill in half”, it’s hard for other companies to match that, but they get close.

What to Do: Let your cell phone provider know that you are considering switching to another company because your plan price is too high. Often times the provider will offer a complementary data package or minutes upgrade at no charge. They may also advise you of what features you are using and which ones you aren’t. You can use this information to cut back on the features you don’t use, ultimately reducing your bill. When the company hears that you are considering switching, they will give you as many discounts or special rates as possible to keep you. If those discounts aren’t enough, don’t be afraid to switch.


The great thing about furniture is that the price on the tag does not mean the final number. Often times, furniture is marked up in price so that discounts can always be applied. Most furniture stores run specials anyways.

What to Do: If you are in need of furniture, let the salesperson know your budget. They can often work with you to reach your price point. Ask if you can take the floor model off their hands for an additional price off. The store will usually oblige.


When it comes to asking for discounts, the worst thing you can hear is no. At least if you give it a chance, you know that whatever price you end up paying is the final one. Don’t worry about what you look like asking or what the salesperson will think. Stores and companies are designed to always think of the customer, and sales and discounts are their way of doing that. Do you have any tips for asking for discounts? What discounted items are you most proud of? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear your experiences!

-The CGS Team



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