Smart Shopping: 4 Ways to Maximize Spending

Spending money is inevitable. Whether it’s for your rent, your bills, or general necessary items, you have to spend money to survive. If you are diligent with your budget, you likely aren’t overspending on things you don’t need. The next step is to make the most of what you spend when making necessary purchases. The CGS Team is sharing a few ways you can maximize spending and make the most of it, since you need to do it anyways! Smart shopping is the best shopping!

Maximize Spending by…

Utilize Cashback Websites

As mentioned earlier, some spending can’t be controlled. If you need a new washer and dryer, or a blouse for work, you may as well make the most of your purchase and get some cash back. CGS Founder Raya recently wrote an article called Why I’m Loving Cash Back Shopping. In this article Raya shares a little insight into cashback websites and why TopCashback is the best one out there.

When it comes to getting rebates and cash back, there are plenty of options. When making purchases, especially online, ensure you are utilizing resources that help you save the most money. Coupon codes are also great, but if none are available, you want to make sure you at least get some money back in your pocket.

Evaluate all Options before Purchasing

Most people weigh their options before making a big purchase. Buying a car, for example, is something that people take seriously. They shop around. This mindset shouldn’t just be for big purchases. When it comes to any form of spending, always shop around for the best deal. If you need a DVD, do you need to buy it brand new? Check Amazon for a lightly used and much cheaper option.

Don’t Use Credit, Unless…

Using credit because you can’t afford to purchase something with cash in your wallet or bank account is never a good idea. It means that you actually can’t afford the items without going into debt. Instead of relying on credit, plan and save for your purchase. It will feel much better paying for the item with your own money than resorting to a credit card.

The only reason you should be using credit for purchases is if you are getting rewards for the purchase and paying the card in full each month. If you carry a balance, then the purpose of a reward is defeated. You are paying interest to get that reward. You could have just purchased it yourself! Check out the article 5 Smart Ways to Use Credit Cards for Rewards for more insight on the right way to use credit cards.

Purchase with Purpose

Remember the article Direct Your Dollars With Purpose? That spoke to placing reason behind your money in general. To make the most of what you spend in the present, each purchase needs to have purpose or meaning behind it. To simply purchase something just because won’t cut it. The best way to ensure each purchase has a purpose is to plan and think through your needs.

Weed out those “want” items, because they have false purpose. “I want it because I will look great in it” is not a meaningful purpose. “I need it because my job requires a button-up blouse” has meaning and gives purpose to your purchase of a button-up top. Being able to identify needs and differentiate them from wants can help you save money, stick to your budget, and shop purposefully.


You work very hard for your money, so it’s only right that you make the most of each and every dollar spent. If money doesn’t need to be spent, think twice before letting it go. If you have the opportunity to make your money work for you, take it! Do you have any tips you can share about making the most of each purchase? What do you do to ensure your dollars are well spent? Leave a comment below to share with other readers!

-The CGS Team



1 thought on “Smart Shopping: 4 Ways to Maximize Spending”

  1. Elizabeth Kraker

    I haven’t had a credit card in over 20 years. I got into trouble 3 times with them. Now if I cant afford it I don’t get it. If I need to rent a car or reserve a hotel room, these days they will take a debit card. I will never own another credit card!

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