4 Money Manifestations to Start Today

Have you heard the saying “you are what you think about?” It basically means what you focus on is what comes to you. If you are living a worried, pessimistic life, it’s likely that the root of your worries come true. If you are living a positive, energy-filled life, it’s also likely that good things just come your way naturally. If we know this to be true, why wouldn’t we always think happy, lovely thoughts?

It’s not always easy to keep the positive streak going, especially when life comes with disappointments, but your outlook can make a bad situation worse, if you’re not careful. The CGS Team has previously shared the power of positivity and easy ways to practice positivity, but now we want to focus that energy on bringing more money into your life. We’re sharing 4 money manifestations to start today and use each day moving forward. If you can manifest more money into your life, you can reach your goals faster!

#1 Love and Respect the Money You Have

To start manifesting money to come your way, you need to learn how to respect and love the money you do have. To respect your money means you aren’t throwing it away on just anything. You aren’t wasting your money.

You are giving your money purpose by making intentional purchases. Moving forward, take the approach of love and respect for your money. Vow that it will no longer be wasted on things you don’t need, just to curb a craving or impulse.

#2 Picture Money Coming into Your Bank Account

Visualize money coming into your bank account and your account balance going higher and higher. The average millionaire has 7 sources of income, so start thinking about ways you can bring more money into your life, and picture those ways making your bank account balance soar. Let that visualization serve as motivation to get up and get started!

#3 Write a $1 million Check to Yourself

Find your checkbook, take a check, and make that check out to yourself for $1 million. Now, put that check somewhere it will always be seen. Put it on your mirror or vanity that you wake up to every morning, tape it to your desk or workspace, or put it on your vision board.

Imagine yourself cashing that check one day, after all of your hard work, side hustles, and savings pay off. Once you’ve written the check to yourself, check out the article What You Need to Save to Reach $1 Million for steps on how to get there.

#4 Send Loving Energy to the Flow of Money In and Out (Sarah Prout’s tip to manifest money)

From the best-selling author and creator of the Manifesting Academy, “Paychecks make you happy, while bills made you put on your cranky pants with annoyance and anxiety. You need to rewire this in order to get out of your own way.

Each time you feel pissed off when a bill gets sent to you then you actively choose to block the flow of abundance and you’re inviting MORE BILLS and more expenses. Nothing is as expensive as an attitude that blocks the flow of prosperity. Learn to LOVE your money. After all, it’s just energy.”

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Start changing your mindset and views toward money and how you manage it in your current situation. Imagine a life of abundance and keep it front and center in your mind. Do you have any money manifestation tips or affirmations you can share with other CGS readers? We are all money-motivated (in a good way), so leave a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



5 thoughts on “4 Money Manifestations to Start Today”

  1. Focus on the money you have versus the money you don’t have. Be thankful. Gratitude improves a person’s relationship with money.

  2. Hi Raya, I agree that respecting money and making intentional purchases is an important step to manifesting money. It means we also respect ourselves, and therefore the right opportunities to more money will appear in our lives.

  3. Thanks, Raya for this beautiful article. The ways are really great that you described in the article. Perfect strategy can make you successful. I loved your article.

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