#62: 9 Ways to Manifest More Money into Your Life

Plenty of people consider manifesting as “woo woo”…until they’ve experienced the magic themselves!

Manifesting is the act of creating beliefs that come true. Essentially, willing something to be based on how you think and act.

To manifest something is to think and act as if you have it, before you have it.

When you’re not familiar with the concept, it can seem a little out there. Just bear with me and give it a try!

In this episode, I’m sharing 9 tips to manifest more money into your life. When you manifest one thing, you can manifest anything!

Manifesting requires you to have the ability to visualize things before they happen. When you see it, you can believe it. When you believe it, you can achieve it!

Check out Episode 11: The Power of Visualization to Help You Reach Your Goals for more details about the practice of visualization.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [02:15] When you start believing something to be true, your brain acts accordingly. This is the science behind manifestation.
  • [04:20] One tip to help you manifest more money is to write yourself a million-dollar check and keep it some place where you can see it often.
  • [06:48] I hate to say it, but the more negative you think, the more negative things will happen. This is because you’re constantly focused on the negative, so it becomes much more apparent.
  • [10:00] Already have goals? Have you shared them? Putting your goals out into the world adds an extra layer of accountability, which can help you work harder to achieve them.
  • [14:10] The more thought-aware you become, the easier it will be for you to notice thoughts that aren’t in line with what you want to manifest.

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