The Best Budget-Buy Accessories

City Girl Savings is all about having money in the bank with stylish shoes on your feet! There’s a common misconception that fashion has to cost a fortune, and therefore finance and fashion don’t mix. That is far from the truth! It’s 100% possible to live a fashionable lifestyle while working towards financial independence. Top fashion blog WhoWhatWear reiterates our point with their recent article that shares the best accessories to buy when you’re on a budget. The article was so on-point that we had to share!

“If you love accessories but can’t always justify the high price of, say, a trendy evening bag, we’re here to provide a solution. It’s fully possible to build a stellar accessories wardrobe without blowing your budget. Case in point: Instead of that pricey evening bag, spend your hard-earned money on a wallet-friendlier option that can seamlessly transition from day to night. To see our bag picks and a slew of other versatile, useful, accessibly priced accessories (all incredibly stylish, of course), keep scrolling!

The best budget-buy accessories are…


Mules, the shoes of the year, add a cool touch to any outfit and look appropriate both day and night. Bonus: There’s an array of affordable styles on the market!

Classic Sunglasses

While the desire to splurge on the latest pair of It shades is not abnormal, your money will be better spent on a pair of timeless shades that will see you through years of sunny days to come. Find the best shades for your face with a little guidance!

Hoop Earrings

Hoops are one of those earrings styles that are never really out of style, but are sometimes more popular than others (like right now). The range of affordable yet expensive-looking styles is truly impressive.

Day-to-Night Handbags

A versatile handbag not only saves you time (who wants to switch out their bag every day?) but also saves you money that can be spent on other accessories!

Silky Scarves

A silky scarf tied close to the neck has outfit-transforming capabilities (instant polish!) without breaking the bank.


A belt is one of the only accessories with the ability to make your clothes look infinitely more flattering.


Fabric and leather are two go-to materials for this fashion-girl-favorite necklace style, both of which make a cool statement and can be found at a low price point.

As seen on The Best Accessories to Buy When You’re on a Budget on WhoWhatWear


Stores like Zara, Express, Forever 21, and H&M offer all of the accessories listed above at more than affordable prices! You can also come across great accessories from more expensive stores when they have major sales. There’s nothing better than a fancy bag with a healthy bank account, ladies! When it comes to shopping, do you spend smart? How do you budget for fashion purchases? We want to know how you mix fashion and finances, so leave a comment below to share!

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