How to Style Your Hair After the Gym

When it comes to working out, getting your exercise in when the day starts leaves you feeling energized, positive and down-right healthy all day long.  But, a common reason why many women don’t work out before work is because of the long getting-ready process.  It simply takes too long to wash and style your hair, do your make-up and still beat traffic to get to work.  Well, the CGS Team is sharing a few tricks for styling your hair after a workout that doesn’t take too long! You will be able to hit the gym early, not feel rushed with doing your hair, and still make it to work on time!

Check out these tips for how to style your hair after the gym!

Prep Your Hair Before the Gym

If you know you have a high intensity workout ahead of you, do your due diligence by prepping your hair before you get to the gym.  Spray your scalp with dry shampoo, especially along your forehead and hairline. Dry shampoo will help soak up the sweat that your body will naturally create, and since sweat usually starts at the hairline, this is the best place to spray your dry shampoo.  Check out our CGS Beauty Picks for Dry Shampoos.

Style up High

Another before-the-gym tip is to style your hair up high before working out.  Twist your hair into a top knot bun and secure it with an elastic band.  The trick is to use the band only after your hair is twisted into a bun.  This will ensure that your hair doesn’t have an annoying crease once you release the bun.  If your hair is long enough, braid it before you twit the top knot, leaving a nice wave after your work out. Bandanas and absorbent headbands are also good options, especially for women with bangs.

Beach Waves Can Be a Go-To

Since your hair will already be in a braid (thanks to your top-knot), release your hair after your workout and rock beachy waves.  Sea salt sprays are perfect for creating the beachy wave look and are great after a workout. Most of their formulas contain alcohol which actually helps evaporate sweat.  Once you let your hair down, tilt your head back and spray away.  Scrunch as you spray so the product can actually get into your hair.

Style Your Bangs and When all Else Fails, Bun it Out

If you have bangs or short layers around your face, it’s best to start from scratch.  Rinse them with water and thoroughly blow dry them out.  While this may be annoying, it’s better than doing your whole head!  Drenched in sweat after your workout? No styling shortcut is going to do you justice.  Bun it out! Give yourself a Sleek, Low Bun and put on your prettiest earrings! If you have time, rinse your hair before doing the bun.  If not, give your dry shampoo a workout!


Don’t let your getting-ready routine stop you from working out in the morning. A morning workout helps keep your metabolism running all day! Do you work out in the morning? How do you get ready for the day when you’re done with your workout? Do you have any tips you can share? Post a reply comment below to share your tips!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I did the top knot today for my morning workout. Typically I leave my hair in a ponytail and it is super poof-y by the time I’m done. Top knot bun definitely helped!

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