How to Stand Out in the Workplace

How to Stand Out in the Workplace

Success at work contributes greatly to your financial independence. Typically, the better you do at work, the longer you secure yourself with the company, and the more money you make.

Having a stable job means you can knock out debt, buy a new car or house, and get ahead in life. However, you need to stand out in the workplace to get that steady, well-paying job.

Make yourself a star among the crowd. Important leaders and executives will eventually notice. The CGS Team is here to provide you with the 7 best tips for standing out in the workplace.

Put on your critical thinking hats and get ready to get noticed at work!

How to stand out in the workplace…

1) Always go to work with a positive attitude.

This should be a given. Whether you are having a bad day, aren’t feeling well, or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, leave the negative energy at home. Always walk into work with a smile on your face and a positive attitude. Also, maintain your positive attitude until you leave work.

If you need a breather, take a five minute break and unwind in your car or go for a walk. Being cheerful all the time is not always possible, but your overall positive attitude is an important asset.

People will remember your positivity, and the opposite is true for a consistent negative attitude. No one wants to be around a person with a bad attitude!

2) Try to get all your work done and then some.

Get all of your work done. Period. You were hired to fulfill your job responsibilities, and at the minimum, you must do that. However, to stand out among your peers, you will need to do all your work—and then some.

Go above and beyond. If you finish your daily assignments and have an extra hour or two before your shift ends, ask your manager if there is anything that you can help with or get ahead on.

Showing management that you are dependable and take the initiative leads to special projects and other opportunities.

3) Leave the social media at home.

As tempting as it is to post on the job, leave the social media at home! Most companies scour social media for anything related to the organization. Expect negative attention if someone spots you tweeting on the clock.

Even if you are not fired, wasting time on social media at work will not help in your mission to stand out in the workplace. Make yourself known for coming to work (with a great attitude), getting all of your work done, and not for focusing on non-work related matters.

Even if you are on break, keep the posting to a minimum. And NEVER post anything negative about your job.

4) Speak up in meetings.

Regardless of the job field you are in, meetings are standard. Use this time to shine. Focus on the meeting content, and take any chance to ask questions, make suggestions, or give constructive commentary.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and never think you are asking a dumb question. If upper management is involved in the meetings, contribute any way you can. Leaders speak up and make suggestions!

5) Be proactive and open to helping others.

Always help your peers or other partners in your workplace. Helping your own teammates promotes teamwork and lets your manager see that you are an asset. If you have teammates coming to you for questions or advice, take it as a compliment!

Don’t get frustrated and brush them off. Instead, use your knowledge to give the best answer. If you don’t know something, offer to help them find the answer. Proactively seeking information and a willingness to help others goes far in the workplace.

6) Seek out growth channels.

Typically, most companies provide a certain amount of training for new hires, and then offer reinforcement trainings throughout the year. Some companies offer additional trainings, web meetings, and other opportunities to expand your knowledge.

If time permits, take advantage and build your knowledge! Learn new information to stay excited about your work. You may even find that your additional trainings will benefit you as you move up in the company.

Seeking out additional learning opportunities is a great example of being proactive and going above and beyond at the workplace.

7) Take the lead.

Amongst your team, someone has to be the leader. Why shouldn’t it be you?

Even if it is not really feasible to take lead in your current role, you can always contribute. If it is just you and your manager, be the “go-to.” Always offer suggestions.

Challenge things that don’t make sense or can be done better. Look for risks or things that can be improved on. Make your voice heard and your opinion will become more and more valuable.

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After reading these 7 tips, standing out in the workplace is much easier than it sounds, right? Take charge of your career and get noticed! Get secure in your job and you will have income for years to come!

Do you have any positive work experiences that have set your apart from your peers? Are there any tips you can share with the CGS community? Leave a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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