5 Ideas to Glow Up Your Career

5 Ideas to Glow Up Your Career

Some might like to call it your career trajectory, or leveling up—we like to use the term career glow up! It’s time to get on the express lane to your dream career. Stop doubting and start deciding.

Success doesn’t come when you put off your goals and just daydream about the moment they’ll all come true. You have to stop dreaming and start doing.

Think of your core competencies the same way you do barriers: they’re the above and beyond you’re willing to surpass that others aren’t. Always look for ways to invest in them and elevate yourself. Don’t waste time comparing when you could be creating your dream career!

Check out these 5 ideas to help you glow up your career!

#1 Attend in-person or virtual networking events 

Meeting new people can be challenging, but even introverts need connections to help grow their business. Make a point of attending networking events and developing professional connections with at least a few people!

Understand that everyone attends networking events to further their own careers. Networking becomes even more valuable when you also keep in mind how you can help the people around you, and not just how they can help you.

In the age of COVID-19, of course, attending in-person networking events can pose a significant health risk. Even with safety protocols in place, traveling to and from events can lead to unnecessary exposure.

Thankfully, as more and more people get vaccinated, in-person networking will be viable again soon! Virtual networking events are also an option, and they’re almost always cheaper to attend than in-person events.

#2 Read

Reading is an incredible gift, and too few people take the time to appreciate how reading can help you glow up your career.

If you want to know more about a position that interests you, you can learn a lot by picking up a book about the history of the role, the industry, or a role model who also had that job. Reading will give you intel on how to set yourself up for success.

Carving out even 30 minutes or an hour a day to read about a career goal or business strategy will support you on the way to your career glow up. There are books that can help you level up in your industry, manage your finances, start a business, and more.

Reading keeps your mind sharp and helps you learn new things that will help you improve as you move toward the next stage of your career. 

#3 Evaluate your social media habits

We all know we spend too much time lurking on Instagram and Twitter—but how much time are you devoting to your LinkedIn profile? When was the last time you took inventory of your personal brand?

When you want to get that career glow up, a well-designed LinkedIn profile is much more beneficial than anything you’ll put on the ‘gram.

Here are a few questions you should occasionally ask yourself: What does your overall social media presence look like? Have you posted any of your recent work accomplishments on LinkedIn? Are your profile pictures up to date?

It’s important to check in with yourself and all your social platforms to ensure you’re presenting yourself in a way that supports your career goals. Focus on building your personal brand and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

#4 Exercise

You might be wondering what on earth exercise has to do with a career glow up, but hear us out! Exercise improves mental health—it reduces anxiety and depression, and improves self-esteem and cognitive functions. These are all great benefits for supporting you at work!

Exercise has also been found to alleviate issues like low self esteem and social withdrawal, which makes activities like networking and self-promotion way easier.

We get it: working out is probably the last thing you think you should focus on when trying to get that career glow up. But improving your mental and physical health creates a clear path for better decision-making and greater success across all areas of your life.

#5 Shift your mindset

Shifting your mindset will further your career glow up like nothing else. It’s essential to cultivate a healthy mindset about your situation. Now is the perfect time to create a vision board for the next season of your life, and focus on how you would like things to go.

Your mind is a powerful place, so it’s important to be mindful of your ways of thinking. Shifting your mindset to embrace new perspectives will help you become a more accepting person; focusing on gratitude will help you find valuable lessons even when you face setbacks.

The mind houses our emotions, judgments, worries, and secrets, and many of us don’t even realize how our own thoughts might be holding us back! Develop a mindset of curiosity, commitment, persistence, and creativity, and imagine how that will make you more valuable to your organization or in your dream job.

No matter what happens in your career or life, with the right mindset you’ll always be able to keep moving forward and know that the glow up is just around the corner!

The passion and drive you need to achieve your career glow up are already in you. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve!

It might not be a walk in the park, but we promise that the end results will be so worth it. Have you ever experienced a glow up in your career? What tips do you have? Sharing your unique perspectives, experiences, and knowledge might unlock the next step for you and for someone else!

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