The Simple Habits of Women Who Age Gracefully

The Simple Habits of Women Who Age Gracefully

Like most things, when it comes to skincare, it pays to start early. Developing good habits for your skin can help slow the aging process and allow you to keep that youthful glow as long as possible. 

The CGS Team has done some research to pinpoint the skincare habits of women who age as gracefully as possible. You may be surprised to hear how simple some of these habits are!

Habit #1: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Women with youthful appearances get consistent exercise.  Not only is working out good for your body, but the after-effects create a radiant glow for your skin. This may not be the easiest habit to start, but the benefits will surely make you glad you did! New to exercise? Check out 10 Fitness Tips for Beginners.

Habit #2: Never Forget the Sunscreen

There are a million reasons why you should never leave the house without sunscreen (affiliate link). Women of color, this applies to you too!  Sunscreen protects your skin from the harsh rays of sunlight, which can break your skin down over time causing premature wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and sunspots.

Habit #3: Vegans Are on to Something

Dairy, meats, and foods with high amounts of sugar are linked to wrinkled skin. A diet filled with vegetables, olive oil, and even legumes, has been linked to a youthful complexion. Beauty supplements can also help give your body the nutrients it needs to slow the aging process.

Habit #4: Stress Less, Smile More

Studies show that stress can lead to premature aging. Ouch. It’s hard not to stress about work, finances, or personal problems, but it will do your mind, body, and skin a favor.

Dealing with something stressful? Take a few deep breaths and try not to worry about what can’t be controlled.  Smiling can also help! According to Allure Magazine, “one study showed that grinning can make you look on average two years younger to others.”

Many factors play into how a person’s skin ages, but if you can tip the odds in your favor, why not try?

Do you have any beauty or anti-aging tips to share? What skincare habits have helped your skin improve over time? We want to hear what works for you! Leave a comment below or in the All Things Beauty group to share!

-The CGS Team



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