10 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Ready to get your health and fitness game in check? Double thumbs up to you, lady! There are so many benefits to having a consistent fitness routine. Working out consistently helps keep you healthy, combat certain diseases, makes you feel confident, and allows you to look great!

It’s not easy to get into the swing of working out, and if you haven’t focused on fitness in a while, you may have forgotten certain basics. The CGS Team is sharing 10 fitness tips for beginners to keep in mind when they are trying to increase their fitness and activity routine.

#1 Start slow

When you are just getting back into the fitness routine, it can be tempting to dive right in. This can lead to burn out, muscle pain and giving up. Instead of throwing yourself in the deep in, start slow. Celebrity trainer Anna Kasier recommends three, 30-minute workouts a week.

“”If you are just starting a new workout program, don’t overcommit or over-perform! Try starting with three days a week, and schedule it into your week like a doctor’s appointment. No need to take a full class—stay for 30 minutes, or try a short private training session or an at-home workout. You want to make sure you are working yourself into shape safely and effectively.”

#2 Pace yourself

You’ll notice that Anna Kaiser stressed that you work out safely and effectively. Forcing your body to do things it hasn’t done in awhile is not a safe and effective route. Of course, you’ll want to challenge yourself to do one extra pushup or squat, but pace yourself. Don’t do more than you are capable – which could lead to injury. Injury is one way to keep you out of the gym!

#3 Think about your health and fitness goals

Just like any other goal, when you set health and fitness goals, there is a reason for them. There is the “why” behind them. You want to reach the goal because X,Y,Z. Before you dive into a workout regimen, think about what you want to achieve in your health and fitness levels. This will help keep you motivated. It will also give you something to work towards.

#4 Focus on consistency

Staying consistent with your health and fitness goals is what will lead to results. Unfortunately, you can’t go to the gym 3 days a week for one week and then skip the next two weeks. That will not get you to your goal. You have to form a habit, which comes with staying consistent, even when you don’t want to. Starting slow and pacing yourself can help you form that habit faster. Read 8 Tips for Sticking to your Workouts for more insight.

#5 Invest in quality gear

A good pair of sneakers can go a long way. Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden says “Wearing old, broken-down shoes can negatively impact your joints and ligaments, especially if you’re running, sprinting, or doing plyometrics. So, selecting the correct shoes for your workout is important.”

While your actual workout clothes may not have a huge impact on your joints, it can impact how you feel. Get yourself a good pair of workout pants, a heavy-duty sports bra and a top. Have your outfits planned so you can’t use a lack of clothes as an excuse to avoid the gym.

#6 Find workouts you enjoy

Nothing can keep you away from the gym more than dreading a workout you hate. Instead of associating the gym and your workouts with things you don’t like, find workouts you enjoy. Take some time to try different things. Take a class, do Pilates, jog on a trail. When you have options, you are likely to find something you enjoy. 

#7 Remember your warm up

Hopping right on the treadmill when you hit the gym is not good for your joints. You want to make sure you warm your body up before diving into a workout. Burn 60 Studio instructor Julie Diamond says “Warm-up before starting your routine—a proper warm-up [with dynamic stretching] is important to get the body ready for injury-free movement.” Check out a few impactful stretches to try.

#8 Fitness = Self Care

Instead of viewing fitness as a chore, think of it as an investment in yourself. Working out, eating right, and getting active is a form of selfcare. We mentioned a few of the benefits of fitness routines earlier, but it truly is a means of taking care of yourself.

#9 Diet plays a role

To really make your workouts work for you, you need to ensure your diet is on point. You wouldn’t want to work so hard in the gym just throw it all away on a bad meal. When you are getting back into a fitness routine, make sure your diet is up to par. Even small diet changes can have a big impact when you are working out regularly.

#10 Results will come with time

Just like anything else in life, nothing happens overnight. The same will apply to getting into shape. You must stay consistent and be diligent with your diet to get the results you want. There’s no doubt that change will come, as long as you are sticking with it.

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Remember, growth happens over time. When you want to improve your health and body, you have to start somewhere. A beginner will eventually become a veteran. Do you have a consistent fitness routine? How did you get started? Share your tips and experiences by leaving a comment below.

-The CGS Team



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