8 Tips for Sticking to Your Workouts

Some believe the hardest part about working out is starting it, but the fact of the matter is sticking to it. Of course, people can say they work out here and there, but how many people do you know who start a workout routine and stick to it? Our CGS (fitness) squad has some helpful tips for sticking to your workouts! 

Who wants to have a bigger belly, smaller muscles, and a shorter life expectancy just because they didn’t get the right amount of physical activity their body needs?! Not us! Check out these fun fitness tips for sticking to your workouts so you can beat the wave of giving up.

Friendly Wages

There’s nothing wrong with making friendly bets between you and friends on who can stick to a work out longer. It’s definitely a form of motivation, and rewarding to say the least. Challenging one another is great in so many ways.

For one, it pushes you to a level of competition which ultimately results in you competing against yourself. In some cases, when the bets are over people want to see how far they can continue to push themselves for more progress.

Sign up for a Marathon

Signing up for a marathon usually consists of training, a lot of training actually. When you sign up for a marathon you’re obligated to do some type of training to prep for it. As if that wasn’t enough motivation for you, how about the funds that go behind the marathon.

Signing up for a race that’s cross country means reserving a hotel, and booking flights or any sort of travel arrangements. One way of sticking to a work out is definite when your hard-earned money is involved.

Switch up Work Out Partners

Everyone has their favorite workouts they like to do when they hit the park, or gym. Usually your go-to work out partner does the same exercise because they are focusing on a particular fitness goal. To keep your interest in exercising, try working out with other people to keep you on your toes!

Doing the same thing over and over, everyday can really make a person go mad! Your muscles can also get used to the moves and your workouts may not be as impactful. Besides, having new partners will actually hold you accountable to following through with your workout sessions.

Plan in Advance

When planning something out, it helps to physically see what you have to do in front of you. Making a plan of what your exercise routine will consist of can totally help you stay consistent in sticking to your plan. Some prefer to make a schedule for the month, planning out their workouts, while others like to plan weekly.

On average if you choose to work out monthly, try for a total of 16 workouts. If any are left undone at the end of the month, tack them on to the following month. Keep in mind to ensure you’ve got a contingency plan for bad weather and unscheduled meetings.

Make it Fun

Boring is so last year! Why do something that you have no interest doing? The key to sticking to a work out or anything in general is the fun factor. No one enjoys doing something that doesn’t spark their interest and keep them engaged. Join a class, or grab your friends and go for a walk in the park! Working out doesn’t always mean heading to the gym.

Invest in Protein

Protein is like gold for people who work out and want to gain muscle. Supplements may not do all the work for you in shedding those extra pounds or sculpting your bottom the way you’d like, but it sure does help achieve a final goal. Taking supplements such as protein can help incline your wanting to work out. Work out supplements that include creatine can lead to faster muscle building.

Creatine is an amino acid naturally present in your body and also found in animal proteins, like meat and fish. Creatine is used as a source of energy during short, high-intensity exercises such as lifting weights. Supplements have been shown to enhance energy, strength and athletic performance.

Keep Track

Keeping track of when you work out will make you feel accomplished in completing the goals you’ve set for yourself. It’s also nice to know when you have leg day, and when you have upper body day. Continuing to work out the same body area can lead to bad injuries. Keeping track of when, and what you’ve worked out will pay off in the long run.

A simple way to do so, is marking on your calendar or noting in your reminders on your cellphone. You should also track your food intake. What’s the point of all this working out if you are just going to eat bad? The app My Fitness Pal allows you to track your food and your exercises every day!

Avoid What You Hate

Why force yourself to do something you have no interest in doing? If you don’t like sit-ups, go for planks.  Just avoid what you hate and do what you enjoy to do (or what you don’t mind doing, at least).

If you aren’t a huge fan of squats, opt for another lower body workout that can give you the same result, like lunges or deadlifts. The cool thing about working out is that just because you hate one thing doesn’t mean you have to hate everything!

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Having some sort of physical activity in your routine is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to never exceed your limit of working out, and always consult with your doctor if you’ve experienced any injuries in the past. What tips can you share with the community that can help with stick to a work out plan? Like our Facebook page, and stay connected with the community through our IG and Twitter accounts @citygirlsavings. We love hearing from our members, so feel free to comment below!

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