How to Properly Layer Skincare Products

If you never take the time to apply skincare products in an orderly manner, you should start today! Wash your face and whatever comes next is not the motto. The ladies of the CGS Team sure didn’t take their time every time they applied their favorite skincare items.

In order to have the best results when using skin care products, its good you follow the proper order in which you apply your products. When you properly layer skincare products from beginning to end, it will give you the results you want, and leave your skin feeling young and breathable! That’s the goal, right?!

Wash Your Face
Washing your face with your favorite face wash is always first. You want your face to be clean before applying anything else to your face. Depending on your skin type, use your desirable face wash. Many people have different ways to washing their face.

The traditional way is using face wash specifically for just the face. Other approaches to cleaning you face may include using antibacterial bar soap that can also be used for your body too, or rubbing alcohol. Like we mentioned before, use products that are intended for your skin type.

Apply Toner

After you’ve washed your face, now apply the toner of your choice.   The toner should be applied once all the dirt and grime has been removed, so it can go to work in making your skin appear brighter.

You should apply a dime size amount of toner to damp skin and let it sit. The toner helps remove face wash residue plus chlorine, salts, and minerals found in tap water. Toner is also great for plumping skin cells with hydration.

Time for the Serum

It’s important to be mindful of how much serum you apply to your face. If you add too much, it could clog your pores, if you use too little it serves no purpose. Read Facial Serums for Your Skin Type before choosing a serum. Apply a dime size amount to your entire face immediately after using your toner.

When your skin is damp, it helps seal the moisture in, giving your skin that angelic glow. Moisturizing your face with serums is always great, although some people only use them whenever their skin appears dull. Serums that include white tea are great for calming redness, peptides for firming, hyaluronic acid for hydrating, and vitamin C for brightening.

Applying moisturizer to your skin is just as important as any other step in a skin care regiment.  The only difference is, instead of applying a dime size, you will be applying a nickel size.

Moisturizers with SPF protect your skin from sun damage during the day. At night, the applied moisturizer helps with replenishing while you sleep, prepping your skin for the next day. It also doubles as a sealant, keeping the other ingredients locked in the skin.

Don’t forget the Eye Cream

Eye creams have been known to be heavier than other moisturizers. Apply a pea size amount under your eye and rub in an upward motion until its blended into your skin. Due to the thickness of the cream it helps soften the appearance of lines that come from dry skin or aging.

Sun Screen

Everyone should wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine. Most moisturizers with SPF don’t have the right amount, so if you plan on being outside, don’t skip this step! Sun screen is important because it helps protect your skin from the harsh sun rays. Even if the sun doesn’t appear to be bright, you should always apply sun screen to your skin to help keep it healthy. Apply a nickel-sized dollop to your face and it will act as a barrier against the sun’s intense rays all day long.


Yes, we get it, applying facial products can be time consuming. On the bright side, your skin will be flawless and healthy. Do you have a day and night regiment you use when applying your facial products? If so, do you mind sharing it with the CGS community? Leave a comment below to shar your skin care tips!

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