How to Pick the Best Pair of Glasses

How many of us have spent hours at a Lenscrafters store trying on frame after frame; asking for opinions from the sales hungry associates? As a glasses wearer myself, I know how challenging and time consuming it can be to find the perfect pair of glasses. I’m going to give you all of the secrets to picking the best pair that will have you looking every time you wear them!

Let’s start by figuring out the shape of your face. Start by taking a washable marker and a mirror. Facing the mirror trace the shape of your face as you see it. Refer to the article The Best Part for Your Face Shape for some examples.

Now that we have that done, if you have a:

Round shape

The length and width of your face are almost equal. Go for frames that have strong details. Ones that are wider rather than taller with nose pads help to keep them off your cheeks.

Heart shape

Your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead. Go for frames that are wider than your forehead. Light colors with details on the bottom half will give you some extra dimension.

Oval shape

Your face has mostly balanced features with your chin only slightly narrower than your forehead. Go for boldly shaped frames. Play with color, texture, and sizes that maintain your balance.

Square shape

Your face has strong, well-defined angles in the forehead, chin, and jawline. Go for frames that are thinner and round. Neutral colors work best for you shape, plus they’ll match anything you wear!  

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