How to Nail Your Bedtime Beauty Routine

Everyone has their own beauty routines that they perform before they hit the sack. Some prefer to dip their face is ice cold water, while others have a chronological order on when they apply their products. Whatever your bedtime beauty routine, if it works why switch it up!?

Typically, when you hear the word “routine” it can come off kind of boring. Not all routines have to be boring, in fact they can be fun and switched up from time to time.  If you’re anything like the team over at CGS and don’t have one, check out these tips for nailing the perfect bedtime beauty routine.

Know Your Skin Type

In the beginning, it’s always good to stick to what you know. If your skin type is oily, stay clear from products that contain oil because they will only clog your pores and cause breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, it’s vital to only apply products that are calming and soothing.

Keep a record of the products you’re using to see they’re actually working or not. Take a picture before using the products and then another after you’ve used them for a while (we recommend 30 days). Photographs or video would be the easiest way to see the results of your products.

Before, During and After Sleep

Removing all your makeup before you go to bed is an essential step in any beauty routine. You don’t want to clog your pores or risk of getting an infection due to the lack of sanitary hygiene. If you have a humidifier or would like to invest in one, they help with locking in moisture to your skin.

The humidifier hydrates your skin while you sleep, which reduces the amount of moisturizing you have to do during the day. And when you are ready to actually go to bed pin your hair back so the oils from your hair don’t rub onto your face.

Overnight Products Do Wonders

The best bedtime beauty routine requires minimal products, which is always nice on your wallet. As long as you have a face wash, toner, and overnight moisturizer you should be good to go. All the extra items can be overrated and super pricey!

Applying beauty products while you sleep is actually beneficial for your skin. The products are able to sit in and work while you rest instead of wear off throughout the day. It’s important that you identify products that are designed to work during the day or during the night. Using daytime products while you sleep may not give you as much benefit, and vice versa.

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Beauty routines can be fun and shared with friends. Share with us your favorite bedtime beauty routine and why. Is your routine similar to your friends or family members?  We always enjoy hearing from the community!

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