6 Bad Beauty Habits to Stop Now

Biting your nails, twiddling your hair, or cracking your knuckles: we all have habits that aren’t the best for us, but there are certain bad beauty habits that are doing more damage than you think.

The CGS Team is sharing 6 bad beauty habits to break ASAP.  You may not realize how bad these habits are for your appearance until you stop them and see the difference it makes!

Putting Heat on Your Hair without Protection

It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, if you are using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron without a protectant, you are hurting your hair big time.  Not only does excess heat cause split ends and lack of moisture, it can cause your hair to look dull or fall out!

There are plenty of hair serums and sprays designed to protect your hair when using heat.  We love the It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum and TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray when putting heat on our locks!

Going to Sleep with Makeup On

Whether it was a long day or an exhilarating night out, sometimes when you get home all you want to do is crash. We’ve all been there.  However, going to sleep with your makeup on or not washing your face from a long day can undo all of the skin care progress you’ve made.

Leftover makeup can cause breakouts, as well as settle into your pores and lines to create an uneven and unclean surface for your next application. It’s hard to believe one night can undo a month’s worth of progress, but believe it.

If you can’t seem to get up and wash your face, keep portable makeup remover wipes on your bedside table so you can get most of the makeup off with minimal effort.

Not Cleaning Your Brushes

Remember how amazing your makeup brushes felt right when you got them? Soft bristles and smooth application! Now, do they seem stiff, stuck together or bad on your skin?

It could be because you haven’t cleaned them.  Cleaning your brushes helps make them last longer, and helps prevent nasty bacteria from getting on your skin and into your pores.

Shampoo your brushes with a brush cleaner every 1-2 months for the best results.  Hold the brushes down under running water to avoid water from creeping into the base.  Simply wash the brushes as you would your hair and leave them out to dry.

Skipping the Moisturizer

If you’re going full-face makeup or au natural with no makeup, you need moisturizer.  There’s never a time when moisturizer isn’t welcomed on your face.

Moisturizing gives your skin the hydration it needs after a thorough cleansing, can help protect your skin from harsh radicals and the sun, and can provide a smooth canvas for your foundation.  Moisturizing can also help slow the aging process. Do you need any more reason than that?

Forgetting Your Neck

Have you ever noticed someone with a smooth face and a wrinkly neck? All the years of moisturizing and they forget their neck! If you are great with applying moisturizer consistently, remember to include your neck as well!

Your neck ages in a similar way as your face, getting wrinkles and sagging skin. If you only moisturize your face, your neck may age you more than you’d like it to.

Picking Your Cuticles

Biting or picking at your cuticles leaves them open to catching infections. When you pick open the skin, unwanted bacteria can creep its way in there and cause pain or create infections.

If you happen to cut yourself or unexpectedly pick at your cuticle, put some rubbing alcohol on it and a Band-Aid if necessary. If you are at the salon and they pick too hard at your cuticle, ask them to thoroughly clean the cuticle, otherwise you run the risk of bacteria on their tools getting under your skin.

Read how to maintain your cuticles at home to keep them nice and save money!

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The good thing about habits is they can be broken! Make a conscious effort to ditch your bad beauty habits and never look back.

Have you cut out any bad beauty habits and seen a complete turnaround? Post a comment below to share your bad beauty blunders!

-The CGS Team



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