A History of Resort Collections

A History of Resort Collections

We are all familiar with the traditional Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections brought by designers every year, but there is another collection that falls in between these seasons. 

The resort collection (or cruise collection) is an inter-season clothing line by popular designers. Initially, the goal of the resort collections was to appeal to the “trendy jet-setters” that would spend their post-Christmas and New Year’s weeks in warm, tropical climates.

Resort Collections

The light clothing reminiscent of spring and summer wear, is available in stores around November and December, targeting people who are shopping for upcoming vacations.

Originally viewed as holiday or travel collections, now the resort collections of designers have come to last year round. The designs of resort collections have come to signify relaxation, excitement of travel, and an appreciation for nature.

Resort wear was initially characterized as nautical style, with sailor and yacht designs, as well as Hawaiian themed with palm trees and Hula girls.

Stores like Tommy Bahama, Banana Republic and J. Crew pioneered and paved the way for resort wear. Now, a majority of the top designers produce resort collections. (This paragraph contains an affiliate link)



Left to Right: Chanel Resort 2015; Christian Dior Resort 2015; Louis Vuitton Resort 2015


Resort Collection Designers

Gucci, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Etro and more are just some of the well-known designers who have introduced their resort collections to the public. Check out our designer spotlight on the 2015 Jimmy Choo Cruise Collection.

Although Tommy Bahama and Lily Pulitzer have continued the true nautical theme of their clothing lines, designers have taken resort wear to the next level.

Light tribal patterns, Moroccan-inspired designs, minty greens, yellows, blues and whites from tropical locations with bright floral prints are more common now than ever in resort collections. Collections also present accessories including jewelry, large hats, sunglasses, open toed shoes, and swimsuit cover-ups.

Since resort collections now last year round, you don’t have to travel right after Christmas to take advantage of the great fashions. Designers will showcase their resort wear in stores and on their websites throughout the year.

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If you are planning a vacation, pick up a few pieces at a time in the months leading to your vacation. You don’t want to break your budget to get a new vacation collection for your trip, but key items like a sundress, floppy hat, and killer shades will help you fit right in!

Are you a fan of resort collections? What is your favorite piece from a cruise or resort line? Share with the community by leaving a comment below!

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