Get a Vacation Glow At Home!

Get a Vacation Glow At Home!

The CGS Team is going to share how to get glowing, vacation inspired skin without an actual trip. Of course, if you are going on vacation, you will surely be returning with a vacation glow at home, all on your own.

For the rest of us, February is just another cold month until we reach spring. Don’t let that stop you from having luminescent skin in between the seasons! Simple tasks now can boost your skin’s radiance and help prevent early aging. Continue reading to see how to get glow-worthy skin at home.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is essential to life. Making sure that you are getting the daily amount of water needed is important, as it contributes tremendously in achieving glowing skin.

Water can help flush toxins in your skin that cause blemishes and inflammation. Water also helps nourish your body from the inside out. Ensuring you have enough water helps prevent dehydration, which can cause early aging and ultimately affect good health.

A rule of thumb for getting enough water for your body is to divide your current weight in half, and drink that amount in ounces a day. So if you currently weigh 130lbs, you would aim to drink 65 ounces of water a day. A regular water bottle is 16.9oz.

Remember Your Vitamins

If you lead a healthy lifestyle full of fruits and vegetables, then you probably already get the daily amount of vitamins your body needs to sustain glowing skin. If not, then finding a multi-vitamin to help make up the difference is beneficial.

Vitamins contain nutrients that your body cannot create on its own. These nutrients help in preventing future illness, as well as make sure your body (and skin) look and function the best it can. If you aren’t sure which vitamins to get, check out the article CGS Beauty Picks: Vitamins.

Get Plenty of Rest

They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. Getting a full night’s sleep doesn’t just help your skin; it reduces stress, gives energy, and helps promote alertness.

On the other hand, lack of sleep increases stress, lowers energy and leaves you groggy, which can make work, school or decision-worthy tasks harder than they should be.

“Sleep deprivation lowers circulation, which is why you look pale and washed out if you only get a few hours,” says Amy Wechsler, a U.S. physicians board-certified in dermatology and psychiatry.

“Your body’s cellular renewal team has the night shift, so this is when you want to equip your skin with as many nutrients and hydrating ingredients it needs to do a fine job.” Shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep and make sure you don’t look at your phone at least 30 minutes before bed.

Detox Your Body

You don’t need to do a juice cleanse to detox! Small changes in your daily food and drink intake can make a world of difference for your skin.

Dry skin, acne, and dandruff can result from what’s going on in your body. Help your skin (and body) by doing the following. Try it for a week and continue with some of the items as long as you can:

  1. Drink hot water with lemon – this helps flush out toxins in your body
  2. Cut out sugar and alcohol for at least a week – this will give your body a break from working to break down the substances in them. Not to mention, high amounts of sugar are linked to premature aging.
  3. Take a break from your vitamins and incorporate a large variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you don’t like the taste or don’t have the time, try blending different fruits and veggies together in a juicer and take it to go. You’ll be surprised how good they taste blended!
  4. Reduce your intake of foods high in salt, fat, and carbohydrates as they can cause wrinkles and make you bloated.
Get Some Fresh Air

Go for a walk, sit outside and read, or take a run in the park instead of the gym. Getting some fresh air is great for your skin, but also your mind and body.

Most of us are in an office or buildings most of the week, so taking 15 minutes for a walk outside is essential for functioning. Exposure to sun also promotes vitamin D in your body, which helps you age gracefully.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Hydrate

Wash your face twice a day and never forget to take off your make-up before bed. Leaving products on can clog pores, causing acne, blemishes and other unpleasant effects.

Using a moisturizing body wash when bathing or showering will help your body retain the moisture after you have finished. Gentle exfoliating is a necessity for smooth, even-toned skin.

Exfoliators with alpha hydroxy acids and natural extracts are great for cleansing and firming. Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize, and don’t wait! Once you get out of the shower or bath, your body cools itself by evaporating water.

This results in a loss of hydration from your shower. Aim to lotion up no longer than 3 minutes after the shower.

Cheat a Little Bit


A little cheating to get glowing skin never hurt anybody! Sometimes the night out got the best of you, or you stayed up late working on a project, so regardless of the situation, you may need some assistance.

Skin illuminators like the Nars Illuminator are designed to help give you a healthy glow when you need it. We love the Nars Illuminator because it goes on light and works above, under or mixed with foundation! The best way to use it is applying it directly under your eyes.

Add blush to your cheekbones and blend! Your skin will be glowing for hours.

Obtaining a vacation glow is easier than you think! Not only do all of the tips listed give you glowing, healthy skin, but they also help your body run its best from the inside out! Great skin is close by if you treat your body right, get your rest, eat healthy, and enjoy life! The only thing you have to do is stay motivated!

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Do you have any tips or tricks to help get glowing skin? Are there any skin care products that you can’t get enough of? Share with the community or reach out to us on Instagram with #citygirlsavings.

-The CGS Team



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